The Jack Daniel's 150th Birthday bottles

The next bottle is the Birthday bottle. This special bottle made specially to celebrite the 150 th birthday of Mr. Jack. It looks a bit like the European Scenes from Lynchburg bottles. There are 9 different versions! All bottles are full and sealed!

  • US 750 ml, 45 % proof
  • US 750 ml, 45 % proof.
    (with commemorative print on bottle)
  • US 1000 ml, 45 % proof
  • US 1.75 Liter, 45 % proof.
  • Canadian 750 ml, 40 % proof
  • European 1.0 liter, 43 % proof
  • European 1.0 liter, 43 % proof
  • Australian 750 ml, 43 % proof
  • Japanese 750 ml, 45 % proof

US & EU version

On the left the 1 liter version on Europe. On the picture at the right you see the US version with the sign of Jim Bedford, Master Distiller.

These 750ml bottles are also sold in Tins like this one on the left picture. On the picture at the right, the latest European Bar/Disco JD introduction game. 9 different coasters with a fact about Jack Daniel's will be spread around the Bar/Disco for people to read. Then the Game rules: you will read a question on a little card and you have to answer it as fast as you can. The person who answers it first will win a Jack Daniel's Item. So people will look around for all the answer that are written on those coasters. Price are T-shirts, shotglasses, Flasks and other little stuff. The Ice bucket in the picture is only for the Bar owner. It is not for sale for regular people ( me...But I got one!)

This is a beautiful gift box filled with 4 shotglasses and a 1 liter bottle.

The bottle at the left is a 1 liter 45 % proof bottle, the one on the left is the 1.75 liter 45 % proof bottle.

Canadian Version

This is the 40 % proof Canedian bottle with some france writting on the back and front. Look at this close up from the banner on the front, it is in france language.

Australian Version

This is the Australian Bottle: 750ml 43 % proof whiskey.

6.000.000 Commemorative Version

This is the 7th 150th Birthday bottle there is. It's a very rare one and made only for the employees of the factory to commemorate the 6.000.000 case sold worldwide.

Japanese Version

8th version?? I found this bottle in Japan. It has an awesome cardboard box and a unknown neck tag with some Japanese writting on it. If you have enough "labels" you will get a sort of discount on some cool Jack Daniels products.

The box has also Japanese writting on it. The bottle is a 750 ml size, 90 % proof whiskey bottle. There is no Japanese writting on the bottle except that little white sticky label above the bar code.

German Version

This is my 9th version in the collection. Small differcance with the other European bottle. This sample has a label on the back with German writting and the German Importer Bacardi GMBH on it.