The Jack Daniel's Books & Paperwork

I got a few books that has to do something with Jack Daniel's or with the little vilage where this great whiskey is made, Lynchburg, TN.
Let's begin with the books I got from Joe Clark, a Hill Billy Snap Shooter. This book called "Back Home" is printed for the Tennessee Squire Association in 1965, counts about 72 pages full with black and white shots from around Tennessee & Tennessee Poems. There are a few shots from Lynchburg in it, like the one of the wood burning for the charcoal. It's an very old picture, they didn't have the chimney above the burning ricks at that time. Photo's are from around the 50-ties I think....

The Next one is the second book from Joe Clark. Called Back Home Again. This one is printed in 1981 only for the Lynchburg Hardware and General store. The book counts around the 110 glossy pages, again full with black and white pictures of Tennessee and some of Lynchburg. These two books are a nice way to know how it looked in Tennesse back then, for Jack Daniel's collectors...hmmm (for a nice price it is okay..)

A few Grains of corn from The General Store, a little book from Joe Clark as well, counts 24 pages, bound in a hard cartboard cover. Black and white pictures with Tennessee Poems printed in 1972 fro the Hardware and General store in Lynchburg.

The next one is called "Tennessee Historical Quarterly" Spring 1972. 20 pages, soft cover and the inside it is mostly written history. Tells the story of Jack Daniel's Distillery. Goes back to the year 1757 ! Very interesting book for Jack Daniel's collectors. Got 4 pages with black and white pictures (these picture you will see in almost every JD book, the ducks, the distillery, the rick burning, a barrelhouse, the silver cornet band infront of the hardware store and the white rabit cafe)

Another old one is a little book called "some history of Jack Daniel's country....told with pictures". This soft cover book counts 32 black and white pages full with pictures from (I think) the 60-ties. Nice old pictures in side. even from a mule sell in the early 1900, one of the two big fires that burned almost Lynchburg , a very nice and old picture of the distillery and then again the ducks, the ricks and the white rabit, the hardware store, Mr jack and Mr Motlow.... Very Nice book for a Jack Daniel's collector

Below a picture of the inside of this little book

A real good book for collectors is the "Old bottle and Jugs" booklet from the early 70-ties. 31 pages, soft cover, black and white pictures of some old and tru collectables from the Distillery. Inside you see the history of the Jugs from 1860 to the special decanters, with last decanter the Maxwell 1971 replica bottle. Good pictures of the glass bottles from 1900, the WT & CD Gunter bottles, the first squire bottles with all there differences, the first labels, the original Gold Medal bottle (1904) and the original Maxwell bottle (1907). Must have for a tru Collector!

The next "Must have" is called "a Tennessee Legend with a pictorial of old Bottles & Jugs". Hard cover book, counts 80 pages. Very nice full color pictures inside. Got the history of Mr jack and all his work. Beautiful pictures of old bottles, jugs and the special decanters. Printed in 1992 by Jack Daniel's Distillery. Best Book !

"The Jack Daniel's Legacy" is the next book. A very good book with the history of Mr. Jack's family and his distillery written by Ben A. Green in 1967. 209 pages with only words. There are a few black and white pictures inside. Good book for a tru JD collector.

"A Gentleman's Guide to Toasting" was a holiday gift from the Lynchburg Hardware store in 1990. It was written by Mr. Fulmer to honor the Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey. In the letter that came with the book it states that there are a 1000 copies made of this book. It is full with...yes...toasts! 78 pages with toasts for every occasion like toasts to the Holiday, of good cheer or in memoriam and toasts to Ladies and Gentleman etc. etc. Well it's a nice book but has nothing to do with Jack Daniel's....okay the cover maybe and that it was a gift from Sully's Hardware store in Lynchburg.

"A visit to Jack Daniel's country" is the next one. A thin folder kind of booklet that counts 12 pages with beautiful full color picture of the distillery. I think in this little booklet you can find the most beautiful picture of all the books you see on this page. Real beauty and a tru collectable!

Then we got another thin one. A in three languages written folder kind of booklet full with color pictures and words that tells you everything about the distillery and the making of Jack Daniel's whiskey. 16 pages with photo's and text.

"A few words about Jack Daniel's, his distillery in the hollow and his sippin' whiskey" is a folder from the late 60 ties. Beautiful, old folder with indeed nice ànd old picture from the 50-ties and the 60-ties. One picture is a odd one. It's from Mr.Reagor Motlow, eldest son of Lem Motlow holding a "full and sealed, squire glass bottle" with a "pure corn" label on it....given to him by a "neighbor"! These bottles will go for at least a few 1000 dollars !!! (I think it must be around $ 2000.00 !) and that is given??  Beautiful folder and a tru Collectable !

The next ones are the famous Jack Daniel's cookbooks. There are 4 different cookbooks. The little one on the bottom of the picture is a booklet with postcards in it. A the cookbooks got nice full color pictures in side and off course lots of recipes with JD in it! Nice books...not more....

The Point of Purchase Catalog

I want to finish this page with the most rare & valuable booklet I got, The "Point of Purchase Catalog". A book with about 100 pages. This book was for stores/sales man of Jack Daniel's products. Inside you will find all sorts of Advertisment stuff for making a display with Jack Daniel's stuff. Unbelievable what you see inside, dummy bottles, window displays, counter pieces,cameo's, wall plaques, decals, matches, presentation boxes, booklets & films, folders etc etc.

Here is a "slideshow" with a few of these pages. Enjoy!
(NOTE: When you use this slide show for the first will take some download time please be patience there are 25 pages!)

Point of Purchase catalog

Here we got a very nice book filled with information about Jugs from the Bourbon belt. History of the bourbon belt, old advertisments, the different style of jugs like the white Bristol glaze or the Albany slip glaze. Also Jack Daniel's is a part of the book, lots of jugs and there collectors! If you collect jugs or you are looking for information about the older jugs this is a good book you should try to get! Give mr. Neese an email at

A Japanese Language photo book

From the land of the rising sun comes this heavy photobook from 1998. Filled with sharp and detailed photos from the Jack Daniel's distillery and from the Lynchburg town squire and the people living in and around Lynchburg, TN. Nice old picture where you see some nice close up pictures from the stores on the town square like the Baker's Antiques. In one of the pictures you see a Glass Gallon jug (from c.1890) laying in the window display of the store! Wish it was still there!

Cool book nice information and great pictures.