The Jack Daniel's fun stuff

On this page I will show you the Jack Daniel's stuff that I didn't know where to put it under, so I called stuff ! This is a HUGE page and it will take some time downloading it, please be patience... If not all the pictures are visable, just refresh the page and they will show up.

Beach towels from Australia

These two beach towels are sold in Australia. Super huge velour 88 x 178 cm big towels in full color! Awesome colors, real brite and sharp. Who's the man on the beach this year?? I AM !

Jack Daniels Dollars

Need some money? Here are some Jack Daniel's DOLLARS ! This was a gift Down under (Australië) for your next glass of Jack Daniel's. This was my first item from Australie, three years ago. I still love it!

Also in the US they pay with Jack Daniel's money, here is a sample:

The next card is a proof of good behaviour, a field testers card.

Palms Casino, Las Vegas keycards

In Las Vegas there is the Palms hotel with a Jack Daniel's Keycard! There are three diferent cards available and the Palms casino's have a 3 set chip, from 5, 7 and 25 dollars a piece. Check it out...

The three cards, The Cameo, the Family and the Black label.

Signed by Jimmy Bedford.

December 2005 card

Nascar Hotel Keycards

Palms Casino, Las Vegas chips

A nice Chip as well.
There are only 707 chips made of this $ 25.00 chip !

This is the December 2004 chip.

2005 Blaney - 2006 Bowyer

Jack Daniel's & Las Vegas and ... Van Halen!

Also from Las Vegas this Hard Rock Cafe pin... It's the Bassguitar from Michael Antony from Rockband Van Halen in the shape of a Jack Daniel's bottle.

Jack Daniel's and Michael Anthony Bass!

As a connoisseur of Jack Daniel's whiskey, Michael Anthony build a bass in the shape of a Jack Daniel's bottle at the urging of friends. The bass was originally built as a novelty item and was assembled from various bass parts. The Jack Daniel's bassguitar made its debut appearance in the No.1 Van Halen hit video "Panama" . The JD bass was later donated to the Hard Rock Cafe chain, but was such a hit, that Michael decided to build a high quality version. The Jack Daniel's company offered to assist with the graphics in exchange for Mike's entry into their hall of fame.

« Jack Daniels bass!

Sammy Hager and Michael »

Van Halen in The Office Depot Center in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday Sept. 11. 2004 "Looking like a bad-ass motorcyclist from "Hells Angels" bassist Michael Anthony donned his custom-made bass that is designed like a bottle of Jack Daniels. Anthony even chugged down some Jack Daniels onstage to the delight of the adoring crowd."

This is my Jack Daniels bass guitar hand made in the UK. Awesome bass with a very good sound. I have been playing bass for more then 15 years and this was my first bass I bought right after my lung transplantation in januari 2008. As you can see on the picture I all ready gain more then 20 pounds !

The bass guitar has a real nice Ernie ball look-a-like pick up.

Head stock and tuning pigs

Close up of the paint job.

Besides this "real size" bass guitar there is also a miniature version made out of wood.

The Jack Daniel's
Bass guitar!

Harware store Fob watch and knife

Back in the 80-ties these two fob items where sold by the hardware and General store in Lynchburg. Seen them in those catalogs but now I got both in my collection. It's a real nice watch (no bateries!) and a funny little knife with two blades. It was available in gold and silver (colored ??).

Harware store Window shades

A Window Shade was used in the mid 80-ties. Very big! Sold by The Lynchburg Hardware and General store. Green colored, heavy plastic.

Jack Daniel's Wallets

Almost 14 years ago I bought this display with 4 leather items. A wallet and 3 other leather keychains. Later on I bought a same smaller wallet. It is not displayed in my livingroom, but it is still nice! On the picture at the right you see8 different wallets.

Jack Daniel's Glasses

Glasses... There are many, many Jack Daniel's glasses around. Shot glasses, cocktail glasses, rock glasses etc. etc. I am not putting on pictures of those glasses, we all know how they look like (?). The only glass that I want to show you is the Chaser Jigger. The "can whiskey stand on water" glass. This special glass is in two different sizes. this is one of them.

I tried to let the Whiskey stand on the water.....hmmmm?? What did I do wrong??

Hardware store Catalog items

Here is a Ice pick from the 80 ties. Rare item and in perfect shape! The add. is from a catalog from the Lynchburg Hardware store.

Foam hands! This is a tru American item that I always wanted to have. Love it! Made out of black foam.

The last one is made in or sold in Australia. Very rare!

Also sold in the same catalog this Boot Jack made from an old Barrel.

During the 80-ties they sold a barrel paperweight bung. It was sold by the Lynchburg hardware and General store in Lynchburg for $ 1.25. I found one on Ebay and payed...$ 46.00 for it (okay...incl. the shipping cost). On the left you see a (new) bung. The paperweight is heavier, there is some extra weight in it tru the back.

When I started Ebay in 1998 I had to find out if it all would work out... Overseas payment, shipping the item back to Holand etc. I tried it with this little sewing set. My first EBay item !

It is still a cool box but has nothing to do with Jack Daniel's I think...(yeah yeah, get drunk, fall on the floor, hole in your levi's and then sew it your self before going home maybe?? yeah yeah...)

But you can use this Mag-lite to find your way in the dark!

When I was shopping in a house shopping mall I found this wooden poster. It is not an original I think. But a good fake.... Watch the word Whisky intead of Whiskey! It is hanging in my corridor.

On my vacation in Spain, where I found many nice silver items from Jack Daniel's I bought this little box with a toothbrush and a razor! A very beautiful box but during transportation the mirror was broken inside.....

What I also found where two pewter flasks. I never seen them again on auctions like Ebay. The round one has a little shotglass inside! The one on the left is being sold by the Hardware store. (Englisch made pewter).

A few Pewter items are made with the statue of Mr Jack as an example. here are the Pewter stopper, a pewter letteropener and a pewter keychain.

When you want to write you always use a...Jack Daniel's pen! The two wooden pens are made from a oak-wood used Jack Daniel's barrel . (although it says on the card....)

I got 4 different mirrors. Two of them are mirrors with the Label on it (different sizes) and a old oval gold medal mirror (a very ugly but rare one). But this is the most beautiful one. A huge saloon mirror

Then there are a few Thermometers. I got one hanging out side my house. A plastic metal plate with the Jack Daniel's logo on it. Here a two rare thermometers.

Jack Daniel's Pins

Then there are the pins. Lots of pins!! I'm not going to show them all here on the site, simple there are to many made... Some special ones are these below.
Daytona Beach Bike week

From Daytona Beach. I got them from 4 different years. '94, '96, '98 and 1999.

And then we got the special pins called The Commemorative Gold Medal pins. A special cardboard box with 2 Gold pins inside and a label pin. Also very RARE.

Besides these I got about 20 other pins that are available all over the world. There are pins even with little lights inside! Maybe one day I will put them on my site....
What I want to show you are the BBQ pins. These pins are sold at the BBQ in Lynchburg every year. If you got some double let me know. I got the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th,10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th BBQ

Buttons from The Netherlands EU

This is a set of 3 pins given away by a bottle here in The Netherlands in 2008.

Buttons from Japan

This is a set of 4 different guitar pins/buttons with a few lights inside given away by every bought bottle in Japan in 2008. At this moment I got 4 different pins

Jack Daniel's Pub material

Here in The Netherlands we use Bar-towels. Most of the time they use Beer brands like Heineken, Palm or a British Beer brand but there are also some Jack Daniel's bar towels. At this moment I got 4 different Jack Daniel's bar towels. Very hard to find! In the US they use Rubber counter mats. There are more than 6 different mats.

From Australia, these bar towels

Also from Australia is this rubber bar mat:

Jack Daniel's Coasters

This is a picture of a lot of coasters I got from Jack Daniel's. (accept the Beer coasters, look at the Beer page).

The 5 coasters above are from Germany and got the same black/white Jack Daniel's logo on the front. They are made from Cardboard

These are very old Tennessee Squire coasters. Very rare!

Tennessee Squire Rubstones....

Printer block

This is an old Printer block from a 4/5 quart bottle. Nice collectable....

Odd advertise material

A nice Advertisment cube made out of hard cardboard. Different images on all sides. Sort of game...

More, more and more Jack Daniel's items...

3d Jack Daniel's Magnet, Jack Daniel' s Rain guide, a Jack Daniel's Guitar pick !, A Jack Daniel''s Christmas Ball !, a Jack Daniel's fan that runs on batteries!, Jack Daniel's Camera !, An old Jack Daniel's Corkscrew !, Jack Daniel's Spoons....??, A Squeezable Jack Daniel's Bottle, Two new Jack Daniel's Coffee cups, , , , , ,

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