The Jack Daniel's Country cocktail's

On this page I will show you some picture of the Jack Daniel's country cocktail's and the first try , "The Limonade" and the "Cooler".

This picture is from one of the first shots for a "cocktail". It wasn't a killer so they stop producing this sort of limonade. The bottle with the white line around the label is the oldest one.

Pretty old ad for the Tennessee Cooler printed over two pages.

The next try was a Lynchburg Limonade Mixture that had No Jack Daniel's in it. It went they stopped producing this limonade. It was for sale in two different sizes, half gallon and this bottle on the left. The little bottle at the right is the last one, the Lynchburg Limonade (with Jack Daniel's whiskey inside!) On the picture at the right both bottles

There are two different bottles. The first one has 1 % proof whiskey in it. The second one has no alcohol.

The first taste test cocktail...

In 1991 they made the first test for the Tennessee Tea country cocktail. This bottle below is a sample of a taste test bottle that was used for this.


bottom of this Sample

First sold Tennessee Tea

Talking about a rare country cocktail! I bet you have never seen this label before. This must be one of the first country cocktails ever sold in the US. Even the glass from the bottle is different. No proof  (Alcohol) or ingredients printed on the label. What you see on the first picture is all printed on the label. There is no back label.Very rare!

The 1st Generation Country Cocktails

The Country cocktails below are the old ones. All are 7 % proof instead of 5.9 %. Very rare bottles (estimate value at least 35 dollars a bottle and for the Limeade... $ 50.00 easy!)

From the older Country cocktails there are two different labels. There is also a Refund bottle.

The 2nd Generation Country Cocktails

Second generation country cocktails are the 5.9 % proof, Non-reflective black seal with no print on top of cap. On the next pictures you can see all the country cocktails there are. Sold with and without refund label. There are 18 different flavours. (at this moment, June 2005).

Most rare 4 pack.

The 3rd Generation Country Cocktails

The 3rd generation of Country cocktails are the once with the Glossy seal with no print on top of the cap. Country Cocktails are sold in a 4 pack with cardboard carring case. Here is a shot of those 4-packs.

The 4th Generation Country Cocktails

The 4th generation of the country cocktails would be the 5.5 % proof bottles with the glossy seal and the print on top of the cap. Also the print on the front label has a slightly different look. The letters of Jack Daniel's are bigger than on the older labels.

Here you see 3 bottles that have 5.5 % alcohol (11 % proof) instead of 5.9 %. I got these last bottles from Germany, Europe. I do not know if the US versions are 5.5 % as well...

The Refund labels

Look here what I found! Country Cocktails with a refund for the bottle! Like the Beer bottles only in California??

close up of the 10 cent refund

I got 9 refund bottles so far: Red-eyed Jack, Cactus kicker, Cranberry Jack, Lynchburg Limonade, Tennessee Tea, Downhome punch, Mountain sipper and this very rare one, the Limeade!

For more information about the Country Cocktail's use this link to the Official Jack Daniel's Country Cocktail website.

Japanese Country Cocktail
"Tennessee Sunset" and "Manhatten Soda"

Without doubt the most rare country cocktail would be this Tennessee Sunset made only for Japan! It has the first plastic seal. This Tennessee Sunset has a 6 % proof instead of the "standard" 5.9 % proof. Real cool Japanese writting on front and back label as well. This is the only bottle I have ever seen since I started collecting them back in 1998... and I have seen a lot.

Last news: there is one more taste made for Japan: Caribbean pleasure

Very rare country cocktail with the cool name "Manhattan Soda". I traded this sample a bit to fast cause I thought I "had" two samples... now I have non... whiieeeee.... (but I will track me another sample for sure!). Here are the pictures of the bottle.

The 5th Generation Country Cocktails

And here is the last line of the country cockails. The 10oz size, 5 % proof and sold in 8 diferent tastes. The bottles are sold in a 4 pack cardboard. Refund bottle.... The 8th bottle is on it's way.. the Black Jack Cola.

Below you see one of the rarest "new" country cocktails, the Lemon Jack Splash. This sample was sold in just a couple of states before they changed the name "Lemon Jack Splash" into "Citrus Jack Splash". Not many bottles are made and it's considerd as very rare!

These new cocktails are also sold in a 4 pack
with cardboard carry case.

They do have a 5cent refund bottle.

The 6th Generation Country Cocktails

I do not know if this will be the new generation of Country cocktails or just a way to sell some more bottles in Gas stations but this is the latest design of the CC's in the US. Sold in the Chicago area only and available in three tastes. Funny thing is that it is a "old" Pint size bottle (+/- 375 ml)

The 7th and 8th Generation Country Cocktails

Now the next bottle line are called Malt beverage and have 5 % alcohol inside them. On the side of the label it reads: Best serverd on ice - flavored beer. Made in two versions, a glass bottle in 10 fl. OZ. and a plastic tall bottle in a pint size.

Old - New - - - - - ----- - - - - Glass - Plastic

Tennessee Gold cocktail

From Germany and England is a new cocktail called "Tennessee Gold", a mixture of Ginger and lemon with Jack Daniel's sold in a 275 ml clear bottle with 5,5 % alcohol (11 proof). The bottle it self looks like a clear Hard Cola bottle (new design). The bottles on the left are the German version of the Tennessee Gold and the bottle in the middle and on the right are the version of England. There is also a Dutch version which I have tasted a LOT during this summer. This taste GREAT guys!

Tennessee Gold cocktail Neon displays

Nice display for 3 Tennessee Gold bottles. It will light your bottles real cool. This item is not for the sale for the general public. Used in Germany only. This item will get Rare.... Real cool bottle for hot summers!

Or what about this super neon! Pretty heavy cast with a real bottle inside. Works on a standard light bulb 220 volt.

Last neon I found was this half round one. Pretty cool, light weight plastic with a simple light bulb inside. It is the only one I have seen around... maybe it is a very rare item.. who knows...

Jack Daniels and Ginger

This can is sold in Germany in 2007. Ginger ale and Jack Daniels. It's the same kind of taste as the Tennessee Gold but with more alcohol inside (so more Jack??) Real nice tin and even better stuff inside! It wouldn't surprice me if this was going to be a short run... so... if you collect cocktails, don't wait to long and find yourself a can!

The Coke, Citrus Jack, Lemonade and the Dry

In Australia they have made 4 different cans with mixes of Jack Daniels Whiskey with Coke, Citrus, Lemonade and Dry. Real nice designed cans and only for sale in Australia. Especially the Citrus Jack cans are all ready a rare find and trust me, the Lemonade and the Dry will be rare as well!

Citrus Jack, sold in bottles and cans

Click here for a nice advertisement board of the Lemonade and the Dry

Another cool item in this picture off a pot full of blue cherries! The gentleman Jack Madhattan Cherries. And it is real BLUE !! I don't know if the taste is as good as the color.....