The older Jack Daniel's cilinder bottles

On This Page I will show you the real old Jack Daniel's bottles from around 1880. This is problebly not going to be a big page because of the value of the bottles, but it will be a tru collectable page!

The Cork finished 1880-1890 Clear glass cilinder bottle ( I )

This early stock design was sold by the whiskey marchant and filled with a quart of Jack Daniel's whiskey. Clear glass, 8 1/2"high and embossed: "Jack Daniel's Old Time Distillery, Lynchburg, Tenn." . There are a few different kind of these cilinder 1880 bottles. One big differance would be the top. Look at the scan of the book or at the picture below. (the scan is from "Old bottles and jugs", a little booklet from around the 70-ties). Estimated value would be between $ 465.00 and $ 650.00 for a perfect bottle.

The Cork finished 1880-1890 Clear glass cilinder bottle ( II )

This is the other Cilinder bottle, again one of the first bottles mr. Jack used. Estimate value of this bottle is $ 550.00. Bisides this bottle I found a third cilinder bottle with the word "Quart" on the back embossed.

The Cork finished c1885 Clear glass cilinder bottle ( III )

This is one of my oldest Jack Daniel's bottle in my collection. It's a c1885 clear glass quart bottles with a circular design. Interesting is the fact that the "s" of Daniel is missing.

Here is a picture of all 4 the cilinder bottles I got. Doesn't it look beautiful??

The Glass Gallon Jug (I)

Back in the time, around c.1900, is was common to buy your whiskey in bulk, large amounts. Also Jack Daniels was sold in large amounts like Gallons so they made several different Glass and clay jugs. One of those jugs is this Glass gallon jug. It has a wooden handle so you can carry your jug around. Estimate value of this jug $ 1500.00 (There is one for sale at Sully's for.. $ 2495.00 !). There are two different designs known, this is one of them....

Circle logo design

The NIVISON-WEISKOPF COMPANY: Cincinnati, Ohio, formerly a glass bottle manufacturer and printer of labels between the 1900s and 1980s. The Nivison-Weiskopf glass company made different glass bottles for a few distilleries and liquor sale companies like WT & CD Gunter from Nashville, TN.
I got a picture of a labeled Gunter Glass jug from the "Old oak Bucket" distillery. These jugs where sold, full for just $ 3.00 per gallon!
Jack Daniel's whiskey was more expensive but available in 4 different variaties; 2 years old $ 2.25 per Gallon, 4 years old for $ 2.50 per Gallon, 6 years old for$ 3.00 per Gallon and "the best whiskey on Earth" Jack Daniel's, 7 years old for $ 3.50 per Gallon (prices are taken from a WT & CD Gunter price list dated c1900)

(this jug above is a second sample)

The Glass Gallon Jug (II)

This c.1900 sold glass gallon jug is 12 " high and embossed "Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey".




Collectors who got that little famous black booklet called

"Old bottles and jugs"

could have seen this jug before... it's the one on page no. 12 !
So for the first time here you can see it in full color here on
The Jack Daniel's Collectors Page!

--On the left a copy of that page.


Check out the "air bubble under the "HBU" from LYNCHBURG

Also a different neck construction compared to the other glass gallon jug.

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