The older 1895 square bottles

On This Page I will show you the more famous Square 1895 bottles. In my collection I got 4 different bottles. During one of my trips in the US I had the change to see the more rare 1895 square bottles myself like the Amber and the Cobalt bottles and both the double lip bottles. These are very, very rare! Check it out....

1895 Clear glass cork finished quart square bottle ( I )

This is the third real old bottle I got. It's the one stay made a replica from in the Commemorative line in the nineties. This is what they say about it in the "old bottles and jugs" booklet: While the basic squire design has remained though the years, there have been minor variations in the length and the contour of the neck. This bottle is an early quart and it's neck has a lessened curve and a 1/4 "great lenght, due to the straight tooled collar. Embossed on the bottle: "Old Time Distillery no.7 Jack Daniel Distiller Lynchburg, Tenn. (c.1895-1900)

The Original and the Replica 1895.

The "No.7" on the Original is round shaped compared to the Replica

1895 Clear glass cork finished quart square bottle ( II )

This is a used 1895 square glass bottle with the original pewter/metal cap still on the bottle. This is the first bottle I ever seen with the original cap still on the bottle! Engraved in the cap are the words Jack Daniel's, No.7, Lynchburg, TN.

Normaly they embossed the "No.7" in the middle of the bottle. This bottle hasn't got the No.7 ! Estimate value $ 450.00

On the picture on the right you see a sealed bottle that was sold in 1906. It has the same seal as the 1895 Quart bottle.

1895 Clear glass cork finished quart square bottle ( III )

Before the desided to use the square bottles they made a few test bottles, this is one of them:

Differance is that around the No.7 no circle is embossed. On the back the words "One Quart". Estimate value $ 280.00.

On the right picture you see three square 1895 bottles. Notice the color differance...

1895 Clear glass cork finished quart square bottle ( IV )

Here is my 4th 1895 Square bottle. This is a 4/5 quart sized bottle and has a real sharp embossed label, perfect flutted neck. A real killer if you ask me!!

On the left you see a quart sized 1895 bottle and the one on the right is -I guess...- a 4/5 quart. It's to be for a pint size bottle . Beautiful and absolute perfect bottle, look at the close-ups below...

Beautiful sharp flutted neck and a perfect embossed label

On the left the Quart size and on the right the 4/5 Quart. Agian nice color differance!

Double Lip I and II

Below you see the two rare find Double lip 1895 bottles. It was a bottle that didn't had a standard cork stopper like most of the 1895 bottles known to us. This double lip bottle had a sort of porcelain pour system attatched to the top of the neck (see picture A). I have tried to make an animation to show you the double lip with out a cap and how it "would" look like. (see picture B.)

Pic. B
Pic. A
« For more picture of this 1895 with pouring top click here

I got two different Double lip bottles in my collection. One with the word "One Quart" embosed on the front side and one with out that embosement. Both are Quart size bottles. A clear glass, quart size 11 ' high. Made around 1895-1900.

Below some close ups from the embosements. Both bottles are in mint condition and super sharp! Love it...

On the bottom a glass mark, number"130"

So how does it a double lip look like compared to a "standard" 1895 Square bottle? Well... check it out.. like this:

Both bottles are Quart size bottles, over 110 years old!

c. 1905 Amber colored Square bottle

This is a rare Square glass quart , amber colored! 11" high and cork finished.

Estimate value of these kind of bottles is hard to tell but I would say at least $ 1400.00.... if you can find one!

This bottle is also pictured in that little booklet called "old bottles and jugs" on page 18.

1905 Cobalt colored Square bottle

Even more Rare as the Amber colored 1905 square quart bottle is this colbalt / purple colored bottle! This is the only cobalt colored Jack Daniels bottle I have ever seen since I started collecting in 1988!
Strange color for a whiskey bottle and I can't imagion that Jack Daniel's would use it to sell his whiskey in but there are more companies that used this color back then...

Sometimes called desert glass, or sun-colored amethyst glass, these pretty purple bottles are fake; their color is artificially produced by gamma radiation in a lead lined chamber by an unscrupulous merchant with one motive – profit.

Irradiated glass is a problem for bottle collectors and a nightmare for insulator collectors. That’s because there are so many irradiated insulators on eBay and some are gorgeous and exhibit previously unknown colors. Even though some sellers do admit their insulators have been ‘altered’, the foremost objective of their fakery is immediate profit with no regard for the effects on the insulator collecting hobby.

Cork finished miniature from around 1900

Real rare miniature from c.1900 !

Size? I would say 1/10 pint...

Close up from the label
(this bottle is a part of the D. Cauwels collection © )

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