The Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Every barrel of Single Barrel whiskey absorbs its own personality and character from its charred oak barrel and its special location in the warehouse on the hills around Lynchburg, TN. The character and dark amber color of Single Barrel whiskey comes, in part, from aging the whiskey barrels in the upper floors of the warehouses where the spirit enjoys a more intense maturation.

There are two different kind of single barrel bottles made. One standard signle barrel and the Silver select bottle (the best quality...?).

On the picture above you see all kinds of items with the word Single Barrel on it. A ashtray, a little round matchbox and the big triangle matchbox. And a miniature 50 ml bottle in the same shape as the big ones.
All bottles got there own bottle number writen by hand at the distillery. With there own barrel number and rack number on it. Every bottle is filled with whiskey from one single barrel.
The Silver select is a special one. The best whiskey from the best place in a barrel house is put in this bottle.

This bottle above is from Japan (that's why the white label is attatched over the back label)

real nice and detailed cardboard box

There are two different bottles volumes, the 700ml and the 750ml. The one on the left is a European 700 ml, 45 % proof whiskey, the one on the left is a US version 750 ml, 47 % proof single barrel.  Both got a different booklet too!

The name tags

I got my first Single Barrel with name tag around the year 1999. Right bottle is specially bottled for "Frugal MacDoogal's" and is signed by Master Distiller Jim Bedford specially for MacDoogal's. +/- 240 bottles bottled from one barrel, for one buyer only. Sealed with a band around the neck with the store's name on it. The picture below shows five different neckbands, one is from "MacDoogal's", "Stones River Total Beverages" both signed by Jim Bedford! The ones on the right are the "Mac Dill AFB" neck band. "Serving the most deserving". (thanks K.L.!) , the McScrooges Wine & Liqour Warehouse in Knoxville, TN and Crown Liqours (signed by Jimmy Bedford, thanks Mark!).

For more information on the bottling please use this link to another "bottling page".

Off course the tag will change allong the years. Here is a picture of the second kind of tag, antique silver with some black shade.


The third version would be a Gold color tag. This Gold version you see is from the50th Anniversary of the Tennessee Squire Ass. Party held every year during the BBQ champignon ship held on Lynchburg.

Below you see "our" first single barrel we bought with the members of our Maxwells House forum. 240 bottles where bought by the first members of this Jack Daniels collectors forum in the year 2007. Never heared of it? Check out ths forum for more information about Jack Daniels Collectables.

Even more Single Barrel samples of 2007. The JD World BBQ Party (JD stands for Joe and Donna) is a very rare bottle. Back during the BBQ 2007 there was a Liquor raid in and around Lynchburg. The ABC Agents confiscate almost half of this barrel (around 100 bottles). My luck was that "my bottles" where at home and not in Lynchburg. Joe and Donna are close friends of me and I got this awesome bottle for my collection.

If you want to read more about the raids last October please read these news paper articals.

I will try and give a full report of what had happend back in October. I have to lay back a bit cause friends are -still- in court for this and I do not want them having more problems with my opinion about this (which is not so.. Uh positive towards Mr ABC and friends...)

The Suntory Single Barrel bottle 2000

I had seen the bottle back in 2000 in my friends collection. Loved it right away. It took me 7 years to find my own copy and this sample is even better as the one my buddy had...

Below you see one of the most rare Single Barrel bottles made. It's an exclusive bottle made to celebrate the partnership between Brown and Foreman (US) and Suntory (Japan). In 2000 they had there 30 years anniversary and they bottled 3 barrels specially for this occasion. It's the only bottle with gold colored labels on front and back of the bottle and even the neck label is gold colored!

These are the first designed neck tags

Gold colored neck band:

What makes this bottle even better as my buds bottle is the thin cedar box it came in. Also specially made for this occasion with it's own print!

Cedar wood box with leather strap! Awesome!

Frank Bobo "Private stock" bottle

One very special Single barrel would be this Private stock bottle from Retired Master Distiller Frank Bobo. Not only because it is a Single Barrel bottle given to Frank Bobo by some very good friends but also because it is selected on this special date 07-07-07. There where 3 barrels selected that day. This is without doubt the most wanted one.

(picture is taken by Jamie Miller)

This sample I got is signed by Mr Frank himself. Getting a bottle signed by Mr Bobo these days is very dificult because he no longer does public appearances. I had the luck to meet him 4 years ago. He is a very friendly man.

Selected on 07-07-07 and bottled on the 17th of 07-07. 240 bottles where made out of this barrel.

The special gift boxes

In the years Jack Daniel's made a lot of different gift boxes for the Single Barrel bottle. Some made out of wood and some made out of metal. If I am correct I am still up to date with all the boxes they made. Check it out:

The wooden box special made for the single barrel only available in the month of Januari 2000!

Another rare packing material for a singlebarrel is this veneer kind of "wood" box with leather strap. Inside is a new kind of single barrel neck band bottle; Hi-time cellars, Costa Mesa.

As you can see, this oak vineer case is round, not square.

Another wooden box made around 2003. The singlebarrel bottle you see is signed by the Master Distiller Jim and the great grand niece of Mr Jack Daniel's Lynne Tolley. From this wooden box there are two versions. The other box does have a print of a barrel on the side. The box below was the first of the two.

Second version of this wooden box. This time with gold satin inside. Outside print is also different.

This single barrel tin was for sale in Germany in 2003/2004. Very nice printed!

Spanish wooden box with plexi-glass window.

This is a box sold originally in Spain, Europe (not Belgium as told on another collectors site). It has a Spanish paper seal.

Single barrel display # I

This beautiful stand sold in the UK for Christmas 2004. Made out of a nice piece of wood and "copper" kind of material. Real eye catcher for in a display. Alltough I have bought this in England (2004) but the bottle's label is from France 2003... It is very limited made so.. if you can buy it now don't hasitate, I promise it will raise in value real fast!

Single barrel display # II

Sold in France and Porugal in between 2005 and 2006. Again, awesome piece of work. This bottle you see below is bought in late October 2006. I like it a lot but if you ask me it's not made to be used... the "lock" is not pretty handy if you want to get the bottle to pour yourself a glass of Jack Daniels....

bottle Lock

Single barrel display # III

Nov. 2006. The 3rd display model is for sale in France. Awesome display and worth the money.

Ducks Unlimited Single Barrel bottle 2006

These commemorative bottles where sold around September and October 2006. In addition, each bottles wooden cork stopper features an engraved DU duck head logo and comes with a collectible waterfowl leg band. Ducks Unlimited has been a leader in wetlands conservation since 1937.

With each bottle comes a free engraved collectible waterfowl leg band with the Ducks Unlimited logo, the Jack Daniels Single Barrel logo and the year 2006.

George Washington’s whiskey Single Barrel

In 2003 DISCUS gathered 13 "master distillers" from America's most famous whiskey producers -- Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey, among others -- and they used a reproduction of an 18th-century copper still at Mount Vernon to make 20 gallons of whiskey from Washington's own recipe:

They stored the hooch in two 10-gallon barrels and let it age for a year -- something Washington never bothered to do.

More info:

The wooden cork top

They made a special wooden cork top for the Single barrel bottle. The first top was a plane dark colored wooden cork. Around 2003 they made this new one with the words Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. For the Silver select bottle they used a black color kind of wood. Here is a close up from the two wooden tops used for the single barrel bottles. In October 2006 they made a special cork for the "Duck's unlimited bottle".

On the left the old one and on the right the new label

Japanese Single Barrel box with shot glass!

What a great find was this! This is the first Japanese Single Barrel I have seen since the making of the Single Barrels back in 1997! This is also a special edition box! The barrel was sellected by Master Distiller Jimmy Bedford. Also not seen often on a Single Barrel bottle is this "extra" label on the front of the bottle, the "Limited edition Selected by" part.

Part of the package deal is also the brass neck tag with "Jack Daniels Connoisseurs" printed on it which means: "a person who has a great deal of knowledge about Jack Daniels and is an expert judge in matters of taste" (The Jack part is freely translated by me....)

Also in the box a shot glass. This is the "standard" mini rock shot glass also seen in other black label package deals.

Single Barrel display bottles

This is a empty, sealed display bottle made for the Australian Market. It is painted inside to look full. Very Rare item! On the small picture on the right top you se two bottles, from the display bottle you see an empty neck compared to a normal bottle that fills the neck when the bottle is laying down on a side. On the big picture you can see the two layers of paint around the neck. Labels are the same as a normal filled bottle. I also got a Gentleman Jack display bottle

Below a full and sealed Silver Select Single Barrel bottle used for display only. Inside no Jack Daniel's whiskey but a liquid that looks like whiskey, it is almost a sirop kind of liquid.

The Single Barrel Taste Test Case

One of the nicest collectable I got is this wooden briefcase kind of Taste Test case for the Jack Daniel's Single Barrel whiskey. Inside this with black velvet covered case are little bottles from glass filled with samples of the Rye, the Barley Malt, the Corn, the Cavespring water and the Charcoal. Also a piece of a barrel, two sniffer glasses and instructions for the instructor ( !! ) to do a presentation. Here are some shots of the case and it's contents.

The Single barrel miniature

Off course there is a singlebarrel miniature. Infact there are allready more samples out there. Here are the once I got:

This Singlebarrel got 47 % alcohol, Export version.

And this is the 45 % alcohol US version.

This is a cardboard box sold in German, Europe. Beside it you see a singlebarrel matchbox.

Sold in Spain in 2007. Real nice detailed minature box with glass bottle and awesome full color booklet. Real nice edition!

Single Barrel bottle Pourer

Here is a real nice pourer for your Single Barrel bottle. Very, very good quility and pretty heavy! I have been told it is made in as a very limited edition.

Single Barrel Cigars

This nice wooden case is filled with 5 thick cigars. It's made for the German, Europe market and are pretty high priced. ($ 4.00 for one cigar).

Single Barrel Matches

Also from the German market are these Single Barrel matches.

A wooden Shelf display.
(Shelf position: On-premise: Backbar, in the small batch bourbon area or in a Jack Daniel's family display. Off-premise: In the super-premium bourbon shelf set, adjacent to the leading small batch bourbon in market. Source: tasting instruction sheet)