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A Tennessee Squire gifts

The Tennessee Squire Association dates back to 1956. The Tennessee Squire Association was founded to give the "new" Jack Daniel's friends a "taste" of Lynchburg while they where waiting untill the distillery could provide the thirsty ones with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. There just wasn't enough Jack Daniel's whiskey! Now we all know when you become a member you will get your own plot with a number etc. You will get some letter during the year with funny and interesting stories. Since we all got these "new" letters and "new" gifts like the glasses I will try to show you only the "unkown" gift items from the beginning of the TSA in 1956. TennesseeSquire


Irene Matthews

In the "new" visitors center they made a special room for the Tennessee Squires. The Squire Room opened May 8, 2000 as part of this brand new visitor center. Only Members can go inside. In the past Mrs Irene Matthews was there to welcome you with Tennessee hospitality! Irene’s health took a turn for the worse last year, and she is on indefinite medical leave at home. For the Jack Daniel's Squires that know Irene and want to send her any cards, letters or well wishes please address them to:

Over at the Tennessee Squire Association they will make sure she gets them.

Irene Matthews.

If you are a member of the Tennessee squire, the Jack Daniel's distillery gives you your own piece of land. My plot number is g21128 given to me in June 28, 1996. Now during my visit in 2001 Mrs. Matthew showed us how they maintainted "our" little piece of land.... with this lawnmower ! (made by an other Tennessee squire member ) Tennesseesquire

A visit to this room is always fun. Besides the hospitality and some inside stories there is always a little gift bag waiting for you. Inside this little bag is most of the time a couple of nice Tennessee Squire glasses, a miniature bottle of Jack Daniels and some cool paper work.

Not every Jack Daniel's collector has "found" this beautiful made virtual tour of the squire room. I hope nobody from the distillery has a problem that I am using it on my site. (It's just here cause we share intrest in your whiskey, JeePee).
Using it: Keep your "left" click pressed and drag over the picture. If you use the "Shift" you can zoom in, using the "Ctrl" button you zoom out. It's a very large file (the largest file here on the site !) so it needs some download time.. be patience and ... enjoy you glass of Jack!

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With becoming a member of the Tennessee Squire association you will become owner of a piece of property land. Small.. very small but absolute original and apprecaited. Below you see an image of the first design of a deed. I will try to scan the other designs as well and put them here.

click image for close up: Deed 1974 1974 Deed (click image for close up)

The next two Deeds are mine. One I got my first deed back in 1996 and the second one this year (2006), including the letter and the new member card.

click image for close up click image for close up click image for close up
(click images for close up)

1st Membership card 1957/1958

Below you see a copy of the first issue of a membership card of the Tennessee Squire association. Mint condition and including the envoloppe it came in. I do not know if there was a letter with it...

Back side of card:

Gift item 1957

As apprecaition of his intrest in the Jack Daniels brand the distillery made Mr. Miller member of the Tennessee Squire Association . It was the first year and Mr. Miller was one of the first members. His Plot number was 2035. Below you see one of the first letters and a free full color advertisement for Christmas. Click on the pictures for a close up.

Gift item 1959 TennesseeSquire

Since we all got these "new" letters and "new" gifts like the glasses I will try to show you some "unkown" gift items like this Chew tabacco. Check out the date on the letter, 1959 (!). It is in mint condition and with original wrap! This means this one of the first gifts given away by the Squire Association! Talkin' about rare... It is standing on Eye highed in my living room display...

TSA Record (no 1) "Voices of Lynchburg"

Here is a very cool item from the Tennessee Squire Association. A un-used record that is still wrapped in it's original plastic seal and it has also the orginal mailing box! It has conversations from Tom Motlow, Mrs. Reagor Motlow, J B Murray, Lem Tolley, Jack Hobbs, Connor Motlow and others. I bought the record a couple of years ago on Ebay but never seen the orignal box it was mailed in back in the early 60-ties. So.. here you go.. another good piece of TSA history!

Click for close up
Click image for close up from the front side

TSA Record (no 2) "Folk songs of the south"

Here is my second record of the Tennessee Squire Association. There are a few records given away back in the 60-ties. I try to collect only the complete records with original postal cardboard box. The record is still in it's original shrink wrap!

Gift item 1967

Often sold on Ebay are these Tennessee Rub stones but never with the orginal letter and bag. This was a free gift of the Tennessee Squire Association mailed to member back in 1967 (April). With it came this letter:

The letter reads:

April 5, 1967

Dear Mr. Miller:

With the rush and worry of things these days, I thought you might like to have a genuine "worry stone". A little rubbing of your thumb through the indentation on the stone many times does a better job than a drug store tranquilizer.

In Moore County we do a good bit of whittling to unwind. While we don't make a thing when we whittle..just a is a good way to pass the time, enjoying life and friends. Whittling takes a pretty sharp knife, Mr. Miller, and might also make you unwelcome around the house. So in its place..your own genuine Tennessee Squire "worry stone".


D. E. Motlow Secretary

Gift item 1977

Nice gift was send of in March 1977. A leather luggage tag with the TSA logo. As you can see the tag is still in it's original shrink wrap, un touched!

click letter for a close up

TSA Lighter made by Park

This was also a very nice gift from the TSA. A Park lighter made in Murfreesboro, TN. I have tried to find out more about the Park company but it seems that the factory closed before the internet started... can't find a thing... If you have more info in the Park company please drop me a line.

TSA 7" Record "Hank Fort"

What a rare find this is! It's a 7 inch single dated around 1979 with two songs performed by Hank Fort. Mini Biography: Singer, Date of Birth 19 June 1914, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, actress, composer, songwriter ("I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded"), teacher and author, educated at the Peabody Demonstration School. She acted in summer stock and sang cornball songs on television, radio and in night clubs, and made a number of recordings.

Gift item(s) 1979/1983

In appreciation of being a member of the Tennessee Squire's, several packages have been sent out over the years. Rare small gifts sended to member in 1979 till 1983 (maybe more items/gifts where send after this date or even before). Real awesome item and not seen often!


This letter reads:

November 30, 1979

Dear Mr. Roberg,

While hunting across your property last weeken I picked up the enclosed buckeye. It came from a tree located near the Northeast corner of your Plot #98l6d.

Around these parts, all the old-timers carry buckeye in their pockets. They claim its more potent than even the left left hind foot of a graveyard rabbit. In addition to the good luck it brings, some claim that carrying a buckeye helps ward off rhumatism.

I dont vouch for the truth of these claims, Mr. Roberg, but the one I have been carrying for years was pretty well worn, so I got a new one for myself along with yours.

Best of luck;

Herb Fanning, Present

* = the eveloppe and the buck-eye are in the collection of Kathy Keys, Tenn, the letter a part of my collection.

This is a small package with a Twist of Tobacco attached to an envelope containing a letter about the Tobacco.

The letter reads:

September 27, 1982

Dear Mr. D

I was up near your Plot No. xxxxx early last week to inspect one of your neighbor s healthy stands of tobacco. I note you have done nothing with your property. It's a shame too because this has been a fine year for tobacco here in Tennessee.

To show you, Mr. D, what can be done. I am enclosing a fine, genuine Moore County tobacco twist from this year's crop. This is one of the finest flavored chewing tobaccos available.


This is a small package of Sassafras Root with an envelope containing a letter about the Sassafras Root.

The letter reads:

June 30, 1983

Dear Mr. D

As I am sure you know, there are no sassafras trees on your Plot No.xxxxx. Knowing that you might have trouble locating sassafras, we certainly didn't want you to get caught this summer without a good supply of sassafras tea to "clean out your blood."

While you may rely on Warren County molasses or tender young poke sallet shoots as your springtime elixir, down here in Moore County we all agree there is just nothing like sassafras tea for thinning out the blood, or for fighting off that old summertime lethargy.

There are two ways of making sassafras tea, Mr. D. One is the short boil method, and the other method, according to Herb Fanning's grandmother, is the best. The short method- one stick to a pint of cold water, bring to a boil and hold it there for 2 to 3 minutes. But according to Herb's grandmother, the best tea is made from the root after it has been boiled a couple of times (leave the root in the pot and add a new stick each day and boil a little longer each time). Either way, you'll find it works wonders.


Charles D. Manley

This is a small package of Black-eyed Peas attached to an envelope containing a letter about the Peas.

The letter reads:

December 27, 1982

Dear Mr. D

From the very early days of Lynchburg, all of us have believed that black-eyed peas and hog jowl eaten on New Year's Day assure one of good luck during the coming year. We wanted you, Mr. D, to reap the benefits of this southern "head start" program and have, therefore, hurried this letter and supply.

We've sent you only enough black-eyed peas for a courcle of servings, so if there are more in the family, we'd suggest you pick up another pound or so when you buy the hog jowl.


Charles D. Manley

Gift item 1985

Back in 1967 the TSA did a mailing to some members with a "worry stone". This mailing was done again in 1985 but instead of a worry stone they mailed a "relaxer". Funny thing is that the letter is complete the same as it was in 1967 but they only changed the Worry store into the relaxer... Oh well... what should we worry about... it's still funny !

September 13, 1985

Dear Mr. Alexander:

With the rush and worry of things these days, I thought you might like to have a genuine "relaxer". A little rubbing of your thumb through the indentation on the stone many times does a better job than a drug store tranquilizer.

In Moore County we do a good bit of whittling to unwind. While we don't make a thing when we whittle..just a is a good way to pass the time, enjoying life and friends. Whittling takes a pretty sharp knife, Mr. Miller, and might also make you unwelcome around the house. So in its place..your own genuine Tennessee Squire "relaxer".


Gift item

There is also a flask made one day with it's own label. Below you see a scan of this label. The pint size flask was offered to me once in 1998... did not know what it was so I wouldn;t pay the $ 500.00 that was asked for it back then... If some one has this flask full and sealed... you know where to find me! Now I only got the label but it is in new condition and un-used!

back label
Original picture sendend to me in 1998 by seller

Letters from the Tennessee Squire Association

We all got the letters from the TSA once in a while. It started right from 1957. I got a whole bunch of letters (over 30), picked out some of them for you to enjoy. Below you will find a couple of the older letters from the 70-ties. Nice, bogus subject but great to read. Love it ! Remember, click the image for a close up.

click the image for a close up

Gift item

Below you see a perfect Silver service set given to members of the Tennessee Squire. I do not have a date when this was given away by the Association. As you can see it's still wrapped in it's original box covered in plastic. Inside is a Silver set that isn't touch by mans hand, it has still it's orginal "shine" and clothe wrap.

Limited Decanter 2003

I have decided not to keep all the glasses that are given to me in the past. I do not like the design of them.... But I did keep the Decanter that was sold in 2003 at the Squire room. The Decanters where sold at the BBQ of 2003 to members for $ 103.00 a piece. It's a limited edition of 1050 (?) decanters. I did buy my decanter but to be honoust I don't like the design of it. It's way to heavy and without detail.

Limited Decanter 2007

This awesome decanter is a very rare sample. I've just been informed that they only made 200 of them. There will be no more made because of it's made from lead cristal. They will make a "cheaper" version from another kind of glass (cristal?). It's allready very rare but will become even more rare in the next few years!

My sample is signed by the Master Distiller Jimmy with a silver sharpie. The engravements are the same as last time in 2003.

Beside this Decanter and the glasses they also gave me this pin:

2006 TSA Shot glass 50th Anniversary year!

2006 is the Tennessee Squire Association's 50th anniversary year. There will be a celebration held in lynchburg, TN. The Tennessee Squire Association also made a brand new set of credentials that where mailed to members. For visiting Squires they made this special shot glass.

2008 TSA Shot glass

Shot glass 2008! This is the 3rd shot glass with a year printed on it. So I guess we will see a shot glass every year now... Cool!

Real nice glass, good quility print.

From the same year is this keychain.

Tennessee Squire Throws 2007/2008

Just before the BBQ of 2007 they had a few Squire Throws for sale. They sold out very fast but cause we kept on asking for more a few more trows they made a second batch . That's the power of a good Jack Daniels forum and some very involved members like Chris and Ang Scissom from Murfreesboro, TN. In total 140 Squire Throws are made. This is one of them.

Made in the USA

Tennessee Squire test bung 2008

They made 51 of these Tennessee Squire bungs as a try-out. It never went in to production. These TSA bungs are very rare.

2006 Home made Etched bottle*

I got this beautiful etched bottle from a good friend of me. This was his way to show his apprecaition for my work here on the Jack Daniels Collectors Page, the love of sharing Jack Daniels collectables and knowledge. It is a (standard black label) bottle with some awesome craftmans ship etch work. All around the bottle. It is very detailed and I am very honoured to have this bottle in my collection. It's sitting on my work desk and I am looking at it all the time! Thanks Lee!

(* this is NOT a genuine Jack Daniel's Distillery item)

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