Charcoal Mellowing items

The next thing of the sources that are "for sale" is the charcoal and the wooden chips used for the charcoal mellowing proces. They stack the sugar maple in ricks and burn it just enough to get charcoal they use for the mellowing process.

Rickers Game

This is a bag filled with little sugar maple woodblocks.

They burn the sugar maple up to charcoal and than use this charcoal for the mellowing process.

This bag/blocks are sold in Europe as a game.

BBQ Charcoal briquets and wood chips

At this moment (May 2004) I got 4 different bag filled with charcoal, briquets or wood chunks. One is the briquets and the other one is the wooden chips.

Wood chips

They also sold this little plastic bag filled with the same wooden chips as in the big paperbag.

Another product they make are these "pallets" for on your BBQ. It gives you that
Jack Daniel's flavour.

Barrel chips and Briquets

Another great bag of barrel chips. Small bag weight about 2 Lbs

Below a bigger bag filled with briquets and pieces of barrel wood. The weight of the bag is 7 lbs ( a little over 3 kilo's)

The left-overs are used as Horse feed pallets!
This is a un-used horsefeed-sack!

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