Jack Daniel's and (Hard) Cola

And then there is the mixture of....Jack Daniel's and COLA !! The first time I saw this mixture was when I visited the Distillery in 1998. I was shopping on the town Squire and I saw a can of JD and Coke. I asked what the price was and....she said...$100.00 !! NOOO Not in a million years lady!! She told me it was something special from Austrialia, Yeah right..!? Then I got contact with a someone who's auction I won on Ebay. He came from Australia. I asked him to look around for a can and what did he found...A can AND a bottle. I payed him the shipping cost and the price for the can and bottle and here it is:

In front of the can/bottle you see two different bottle pour sprouts. One Black Label and one Green Label (the last one is very RARE ! )

375 ml size Jack Daniel's and Coke Promotie Can!

I will start this JD and coke page with my most rare can in the collection. This can is made for the movie "Dead man" staring Johnny Depp from 1996! Awesome can, still full and sealed. I never knew that Jack Daniels presented movies!

DEAD MAN is the story of a young man's journey, both physically and spiritually, into very unfamiliar terrain. William Blake (Johnny Depp) travels to the extreme western frontiers of America sometime in the second half of the nineteenth century.

For more movie info click here

The other side of the can has the standard red "& Cola" words like the cans below.

350 and 375 ml size Jack Daniel's and Coke cans

Here is a picture of another Coke/JD can. It's a 350 ml, the one from Australie is a 375ml.

The third can has a different writing on it.

My 4th Coke can is from Germany and it's a 330 ml size can with 10 % vol. !

The fifth can is a empty dummy!

250 ml size Jack Daniel's and Coke cans

Just arrived from Australia is this -still in test- 250 ml size Jack Daniel's and Coke cans. These are sold in a 4 pack carton.

340 and 350 ml size Jack Daniel's and Coke bottles

Besides the Australian bottle there is also a German and a Spanish version. Difference is the writing on the back (the ingredients are written in German language). On the picture below is the Spanish 350 ml coke bottle (at the right). 8 % proof instead of 7%.

Or what do you think of this back pack?

Here is a nice cool bagto keep your cans and bottles cooled !

This is a refillable Jack Daniel's Cola can lighter sold in Germany, Europe.

This is a Pen stand with a plastic Jack Daniel's Cola can .

The picture below shows a sort of plastic plate for change

Jack Daniel's "Hard Cola"

This is the new drink in the US and called Jack Daniel's Hard Cola.

Sample bottle !

Here are two pictures of a all ready very rare Hard Cola bottle. This is the test bottle! The metal top is only black and on the label it says "Sample, not for sale"

This is the latest edition of the Hard Cola (Nov.2002). It sells pretty good so they made this new bottle design.

The big one... 24 Oz.

Jack Daniel's Black Seven from Spain

Jack Daniel's Black Jack from England & US

UK version ---- US version

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