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Gold Medal 1971

1904, Mr. Jack Daniels travelling by train to the St. Louis World's Fair where he entered his charcoal-mellowed whiskey in the international competition, he won the Gold Medal. In 1971 they made the first commorative Decanter to celebrate this.

For more info about this 1904 St. Louis fair where Mr. Jack won his first Gold Medal click here

One of the most expensive items in my Collection would be this sealed, full Gold Medal 1971 bottle. Incl. the original card board box and the booklet. Very expensive and rare item!

During my visit to the US (11/2001) I bought a full and sealed 1971 Gold medal. What I didn't know before is that the original cardboard box is sealed as well! Here are pictures of a sealed and an opened cardboard box from the 1971 Gold Medal. (b.t.w. I traded the Gold Medal decanter after two days ....)

You can use this link to go to the page where I show you the original design blueprints of this great decanter.

Design papers of this 1971 Gold Medal bottle click this image

Okay, now lets talk about the Tax seal that is "guarding" the whiskey in the Decanter as Mr Jack tells us...
There are two different paper Tax seals that the Distillery used on this 1971 Gold Medal.

Eagle Seal JD Distillery Seal

I can tell you that those two sealed Decanters are "real" sealed because I know where they came from, the eagle seal I bought my self in the store (with the sealed box) and the JD sealed one I bought from a close friend who bought the Decanter himself back then in 1971.
Now here is the thing I want to warn you for. I know that the seals you see are sold or traded for a few bucks a seal ($ 25.00) and people seal there bottles self and than sell them as real sealed bottles. There are stores that sell them as original for over $ 1000.00! I have been to a store in the US that has one up a self for $ 5000.00 ! Not only are these Decanters sold in the US but also in Germany, Europe. I have been attend on a case from a friend that bought a fake sealed decanter in Germany from a store that sells a lot of Jack Daniel's bottles to collectors in the US. So...WATCH OUT when you buy a sealed bottle!

Below you see a original NOT used Tax Seal. There are no numbers on this seal.

But how do you know if you got a real or a fake sealed Decanter?? There is a way to see if the seal is original glued on the Top of the Decanter and that is to use a hairdryer, warm up a corner of the seal and when it lets lose it is -can be- original. The glue that was used back than sort of lets lose of the glass.

But the seal on the decanter I bought in the sealed cardboard box (11/2001) was only glued on the cork-top, not the decanter.... problem.... Is this Decanter than sealed or not.... should I glue the seal on the bottle??
You see, it is a difficult thing....

This is a half Gallon size bottle with 90 % proof whiskey in it. Last news (October 2003) is that there will be a 1500 ml export version sold around March 2004 for $ 75.00 by the European Hardware and General store.

The picture below is from a extra beautiful printed (dotted) Gold Medal 1971 I had to show you...


This is another real cool collectable! What you see on the picture is an empty but sealed Gold Medal 1971 ! This bottle is sealed with an aluminium cap, this way it was send from the "Glass company" to the distillery to be filled. This one is never filled! Un used.....

Watch the's new!

Decanter lamp

This lamp was sold in the 70-ties at the Lynchburg Hardware and General store. You could put your full Gold Medal Decanter under it. Off course you had to buy the bottle somewhere els because it's not allowed to sell whiskey in Lynchburg itself... There is a second one made for the Maxwell House Decanter. Both lamps have there own ingraved brass plate in the base of the lamp.

The Centennial 1.750 ml 2004 Gold Medal 1904

Just for sale in the US and already a hard to find bottle. Sold with a beautiful wooden box with a mirror background. Nice detailed bottle and sealed with a plastic cap. It is a must have for any serious Jack Daniel's collector. If you can't afford a orginal 1971 Gold Medal this is the second best option! This nice bottle is also sold in Europe as a 1.500 ml bottle without that nice looking wooden box... We got a awefull cardboard box... Thanks... (LOL).

Plastic cap is sealing the bottle

Close up from-- the 2004 Gold Medal ----and------- the 1971 Gold Medal ------------

Below close up pictures of the label print. The bottle from 1971 has a embossed kind of print and a totally different kind of black shade. As a guy with a printers job history I preffer the old 1971 kind of label print...

1971 2004

1971 2004

Also the glass model is different. They have changed the back side of the bottle.

1971 2004

The Centennial 1.500 ml 2004 Gold Medal 1904

Below you see the European (German) version of the Centennial 1904 Decanter. Sold in a very ungly cardboard box. It is/was only available tru internet order at the Germnay Hardware and general store for € 68.00 ($ 75.00).

1750ml US 1500ml German

1.750 ml US Version back side

1.500 ml German Version back side

Did you know...