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Silver Cornet 1986

The Silver Cornet Commemorative Decanter was created to honor Mr. Jack's hometown band, The Silver Cornet band. Jack Daniels loved the brass bands so in 1892, Mr. Jack recruited townspeople and distillery workers as musicians for his new band. He also purchased instruments. It's a 1.750 ml size Decanter with 90 % proof whiskey. Beautiful Decanter and one of my favorites!

The bottle is sealed with a Distilery tax paper seal.

When you let the Distillery know you got this bottle they gerestrate it and send you a Certifigate with your name on it.

I played (photoshop) with the certificate as you can see...
(...I just want to be original...)

The Silver Cornet Band

The band, "The Silver Cornet Band" is still playing and there are a lot of CD available around the US! Below you see 4 CD's I got in my collection.

Another cool item is this signed concert sheet with admission tickets. It is signed by almost every band member! On the picture on the right you see items from a press map, history, concert foto's, band foto's and logo that can be used for the printing press.

Here is a cool picture of the cardboard box that they used to ship the Silver Cornet bottles in.

With this decanter came this booklet.