The Jack Daniel's Food Department.

On this page I will show you the food that has got some Jack Daniel's whiskey in it. 

First of all the Tipsy cake. There are two different cakes, the Tipsy fudge cake and the Tipsy original cake. Both with a "tipsy bit" of Jack Daniel's in it! Both cakes are made in this tinny tin or in a bigger round version.

Australian Fudge

Very rare is this Australian Fudge in a oval shaped tin. I had seen it before but never though I would had the luck on finding one for my collection. Here it is, 275 gramms of Jack Daniel's fudge seperated pack in plactic. We have tasted one of those fudge pieces but to be honoust.... I like the Pepper patch fudge better...
Below the 2006 version of the Fudge.

Above is the 2008 version of the fudge

English Fudge

2006, sold in the UK. Delicious fudge with a taste of Jack Daniels Whiskey!

Jack Daniel's Coffee

To drink with the cake we got off course the Jack Daniel's Coffee !! With it's own cup. There are three sizes of the coffee, I got only the two smallest ones. And a spoon to stir the coffee with. (it is made in the Netherlands!)

Above we see a test package with 4 different Jack Daniels coffee's! Coffee with names like "Tennessee Mountain Blend, Jack's Blend, Oak barrel Roast and Old No.7 Blend. Each package weights 2 oz and should be enough for 8 to 10 cups of coffee.... hmmmm....

Jack Daniels chocolates

Then for after the coffee we got...chocolates! I got two different boxes of chocolets filled with Jack Daniel's Whiskey. This kind of chocolates are sold in two different sizes. Although...I got two sizes. The other box is bigger.

Jack Daniel's filled truffels

More Jack Daniels chocolates. These Turin's are sold in the UK (2007-2008)

jam jam...

Jack Daniels filled chocolate bottles

The bottle below is made in Denmark ,europe. Filled with our own Jack Daniel's Whiskey.

These last one are made in the US and sold in a box with 5 or more. They are a little smaller as the once that are made in Denmark.

Jack Daniels Mustard

Something completely different is the Mustard. As far as I know there are two different pots of musterd. The Glass ones and the Plastic (new) ones. There are a few tastes, I haven't got all of them. (I hope to find the rest in the near future!)

Jack Daniels Toppings

Last item in this Food Department are the Toppings. The sauces that go over your ice-cream!! Hmmmmm !!!

Lynchburg Grapejelly with Jack Daniel's!

More sweet Jack Daniels products came out in 2008. These are Jack Daniels syrups for flapjacks and pancakes! I also have tasted these and I preffer the cinnamon version of the two. If you have a sweet tooth you really should try these one day! They are sold in Lynchburg Tennessee at the Square.

The Jack Daniel's BBQ sauces and marinades

We do need some spices for the BBQ in the summer! So let use some with Jack Daniel's in it! Made in Lynchburg, Pepper patch! I got 4 different bottles. The first one is the oldest version. Then the other three are the Sweet & mild (86 proof), the Hot & spicy (100 proof) and the last one the extra hot (151 proof).

And there are more pepper patch products with some Jack Daniels in it...

Set of Grilling sauces 2004 / 2005.

More jummy jummy stuff for the BBQ ! This next set was/is sold in 2007 just like the steak sauces

Or what about these handy marinade bags? Ain't that awesome cool for your meat and chicken to marinade! There are 3 different tastes for sale.

Sold in 2007/2008 at the hardware and general store in Lynchburg. Awesome tasting seasoning for steaks and burgers. I have opened a can and used in while cooking... all I can say is BUY IT NOW !

This next set of BBQ sauces and marinades are sold in Germany (as a set of 3 bottles) and in the UK sold as a set of 4 different tastes. The 3 bottles from Germany and the UK are the same. All 4 sauces have been tested by me during the summer of 2008 and I can say these are simple awesome sauces!

German sauces sold online at the Hardware and General store in Germany

UK sauces

The Jack Daniel's cookbooks

For the best recipes you read the best book in town! The Jack Daniel's cookbooks! I have used these books a lot guys! It will take you some hours to prepare sauces, ribs and other stuff from these books but you will have something that taste real good and is unique! Try it someday.

Sold at the Hardware and General store in Lynchburg during the 80-ties. This is a nice tin filled with local recepies, some with Jack Daniels...