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US Scenes No 5 with 5 signiatures !, Scenes from Lynchburg No.9,
Bl label fs 1750ml's, Bl label 500 ml ps tin, Bl label 700 ml ps Singapore,
Four Season gift box 80-ties, Japanese miniatures, 70-ties Coin tray, New Zippo lighters , Fob watch and knife, Ertl Chevy truck,

Dear Collectors!

It's been a few weeks/months ago since the last update. Reason for this is that I am working on a complete new Jack Daniels Collectors Page. This site as it is right now has "old" knowledge and needs a real re-design. This will take a few weeks or even a few months to be completed. There are over 400 pages to be re-designed, over 5000 images to be re-named for a better result in search engines. Not to mention the large amount of new, cool Jack Daniels collectables to be shared here on the site that are still in my "local map" "new items"... It will be worth the time to wait and even more worth the time to visit again.

At this moment I am focusing on the older paper sealed bottles from after 1946 till early 80-ties. All different black and green label bottles, from the US and from Foreign countries like Japan, Germany, Italy and Denmark to name but a few...
Last couple of months I got about 10 or 12 new paper sealed bottles ad to the collection. Take your time and do check them out! I even had to make a new page to show them all... So there are 3 big pages filled with only black label paper sealed bottles !
One of my favorite paper sealed items is the wooden gift box from the four seasons hotels. Awesome!

Cool stuff so...

Hope to see ya next time !

* Since 20 April 2004 I have been on the waiting list for a double lung transplant. Got my phone call on the 3rd of Januari 2008, 3 and a half year later... I'm very pleased to know that a lot of the Jack Daniel's collectors are interested in my health situation. But I do not want to bother the other collectors with this so I 've made an extra page with the "my search for air" story.

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This website often has some pretty cool Jack Daniels bottles and they ship internationally too, click on the banner to visit their website ....

I would appreciate it when you sign my questbook. If you want to ask anything to your fellow Jack Daniel's Collectors you can use the Maxwells House Forum Just click the picture and you will be re-directed.

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