Some Special Jack Daniel's bottles

The Monogram bottle Uncle Jack's Whiskey Small Batch Export Whiskey

Porcelain Statue & Decanter

I want to begin with two very special decanters/statues. This is the statue made from porcelain! There are two different ones. The first one is the statue and the other one is a decanter (the head is the cork).



While I was at the distillery (October 2003) I spoke to this employee (no names here...) and he told me that there was a Jack Daniel's Collectors site on the internet that made him some good money. You could read on that site a story about this decanter being so rare and that it was produced for Asia. Because a lot of these decanters got broke during the flight, the distillery decided to stop selling them etc. etc.. This was all crap!
Anyway, he was making fun of all the work that that guy did for the collectors and in a way for the brand Jack Daniels. Well, that guy that did all the work was me and the website he was talking about was the Jack Daniel's Collectors Page!
He knew this for a long time so I asked him for the reason why he didn't E-mail me before to correct me and tell me the real story behind this decanter so I could share it with you. He just gave me a "cheap" black and white copy of the ad and that's it... Quote "A lot of people bother me with tons of questions..."
Guys, keep in mind, we do need to share information so this wouldn't happen again!

Below, you see a replica advertisement of the decanter. The original one I got is a simple black and white copy that doesn't do justice to the decanter so I made this full color ad including the real price of the decanter which costed only $ 45.00. Hope you like the ad.... ATTENTION: The decanter is NOT FOR SALE anymore (Don't "bother" them at the distillery...)

Jack Daniel Porcelain Statue Decanter

(Holds 1Quart of Mr.Jack's finest!)

If you are one of the folks who has written to us over the past 15 years asking for a Jack Daniel's statue decanter, pick up your phone right now and call in your order! We've got just what you asked for. This extremely fine porcelain piece stands just over 10" tall and will hold over 1 quart of Mr. Jack's best. Handpainted in great detail, he's as handsome as can be... from the twinkle in his eye to his gold watch fob. Mr. Jack will stand proudly in your home or office and will certainly start some interesting conversations when you remove his hat to serve your guests (whiskey not included.)

28312 Jack Daniel Statue Decanter...................................................... $ 45.00

December 2003.

The Hardware and General store in Lynchburg, TN stopped selling the decanter because the cork that was attached under the hat broke very easy. Only a few samples where sold to the public and that's the reason why this beautiful decanter is so rare. It is Not for sale anymore at the Hardware and General store so please don't call them, because I know they wouldn't like it...
You will have more luck on EBay, because they still got a few of these decanters left and some how once in a while a sample pops up on EBay selling for big bucks...
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The Monogram

The next special bottle is the Monogram bottle. A beautiful bottle as well! It comes with a leather sleeve. 94 proof whiskey. It got the JD monogram in gold in the middle of the bottle. Again very Rare bottle! Push on the bottle and you will be linked to the designers page from the Monogram bottle! (The picture I shot it one of Ebay sellers favorite stolen image! They are using it without permision.... Thanks!)

Top of box

In 2004 they re-designed the cap of the monogram bottle. It's a small change but still worth it to buy the bottle.

Here is the latest design of the Monogram sold in Asia.

Old on the left side and the news ribbed on the right side.

Old New

Uncle Jack's Whiskey

This Uncle jack bottle is bought on a local flea market in Tennessee and I am glad to tell you that I am the proud owner of this very rare bottle. (Thanks Bud!)

Label is original and in almost mint condition.This is one of the few Uncle Jack labels known!
Not sure if the bottle is original but the label is!

Yes, here it is a real full and sealed 375 ml Uncle Jack !! This is a fake sealed bottle so it must be sold around the end of the 80-ties. I thought it was a older kind label...hmmm

Small Batch Export 100 ml bottle

What a find! Brought to my attention by a German friend I was told there is this awesome looking miniature bottle for sale in The Netherlands. Since I am from The Netherlands I have my contacts all around so I started to do some phonecalls. Nobody knew about this bottle! After over 40 phonecalls to local liquor stores I finaly found one that could help me!! I bought his complete suplies of Batch bottles. Once the word was done I traded and sold them all in 12 hours. So.. here are some cool pictures for those who haven't found one so far:

** We (the collectors) are not 100 % sure if this bottle is genuine. Some say it's fake some don't. I do got a picture of Jimmy signing one which makes it even more dificult. **

It is an export bottle with a height of 4.3 in. (11cm).

100 ml (10 cl) 40 % proof whiskey.

Sealed with a cork and covered with a plastic-shrunk seal.