90 % proof, paper sealed black label part I
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Measuring Systems in the United States

Since colonialists brought with them the measuring methods of their homeland, confusing and contradictory measuring systems came to America. For instance, the imperial gallon used in England did not come to America. The U.S. gallon is a smaller one, and was called the Queen Anne wine gallon by the British. Click here if you want to read more about thie measuring history.

c.1947-1954 4/5 Quart round bottle

Most rare bottle in my collection would be this round sealed 1947 Black label bottle. Absolute TOP collectable!

Heavy embossed "forbids statements" around the bottles neck, all around!

Green plastic foil is still around the neck. The paper seal is in mint condition. Check out the detail of the tax seal... it's the old version with the bottles volume on both ends.

c.1955/1962 Pint Oval flask bottle

Below is a paper sealed 90 % proof Black label pint size flask. Compared to the flasks from a later date (like the pint from 1971-1974) this flask has an Oval kind of shape. Also the front label is bigger as the label they used on later flasks.
Real nice bottle with perfect labels.

The bpicture above shows the Oval shape. Compare this to the later made flasks and you see that these "younger" bottles have a more square kind of shape. On the bottom you can see the 55-62 year embosement. This means that the bottle is made between these dates, filling happens on a later date.

c.1954 - 1964 4/5 Quart square Motlow emb. bottle (I)

This next bottle is a pretty black label bottle made and sold between 1954 and 1964. This gift wrap makes it even better! Sold with a very nice silver caddy. Nice detail is that the caddy is never used and still crispy clean and shinning.

This is a "Lem Motlow embossed" bottle. The embossed words on the right side: "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle" and on the back side: "Jack Daniel Distillery Lem Motlow Prop.inc." and under the back side label "Lynchburg, Tenn".

back side right side
On the back label it says that "this whiskey is 5 years old".... That's a lie.. it's almost 45 years old....

If you look close to the paper seal you can see that is still has the older tax seals with the 4/5 Quart (the size of the bottle) printed on it. Later on these marks where changed by some kind of flower patern. With this mark on the paper seal and some other marks you can identify an older Jack Daniels bottle from the late fifties, early sixties. Crispy clean plastic and paper seal!

c.1955 - 1959 4/5 Quart square Motlow emb. bottle (II)

The next cool bottle is this 4/5 Quart size bottle made between 1955 and 1959. It is an Lem Motlow embosed bottle with perfect paper and plastic seals. What a find!

It has the little neck booklet still attached and that one is also in mint condition! Check it out below:


Cool Details

Best part of all this is -and this is for some a detail- that the plastic seals are all different from these Lem Motlow embossed bottles! So far (summer 2007) I got three mint condition bottles from around the end 50-ties early 60-ties with a paper seal and plastic seal. See and compare them:

1954 -1964 (blue gift package bottle from above)


1955-1962 (Distillery Cameo bottle from below)

Ok next detail. Check out the side labels of the 1954 and the 1955 bottle. The london date is changed from 1953 to 1958!

Real nice, old bottles. 50 years old, full, sealed. [10/10]

1962 One Quart square bottle

The next paper sealed is a One Quart size bottle dated 1962. In Mint condition with crispy paper and plastic seal. What makes this bottle special (for me) is that the word Quart is embossed in a sort of circle on the to of the bottle with on the other side the Motlow prop. and on the other side the warning about re-filling.

The round "One Quart" size embossed.

4/5 Quart Distillery Cameo gift boxes 1962 (III)

The cameo boxes are pretty rare to find but if we are talking about the Distillery cameo's... then not a lot of people can tell you that they have seen it before. Well... here it is!

What I have "heared" is that in every box sold to a liquor store (that holds 6 bottles/boxes) are 5 Mr. Jack cameo's and one Distillery cameo.
If this is correct I do not know for sure but it is the story told to me...

(Click here for the other "Mr Jack" Cameo boxes)

Click picture for a close up of the Distillery Cameo

The bottle sold with the box is also a very nice and rare bottle... This is a Lem Motlow embossed 4/5 Quart from 1962! So allready 43 years old. It is in mint condition with perfect paper and plastic seal.
Below some extra close up pictures of the box and the cameo.

I have taken a pretty good close up from the "distillery" to show the some extra details. It is made very, very nice...

You can almost read the words: Jack Daniels Distillery


Tax 1/5 Gallon seal sheet

Now before we go on with the other bottles I want to show you a cool item I got in my collection. It's not Jack Daniel's but it is still a cool item... This is a sheet of 1/5 Gallon tax labels that are never used! I do got a few un-used labels in my collection (also from the Jack Daniel's distillery with Mr. Jack's cameo on it...) but this one is something special. These are labels used before 1964. After this date the "volumes" where removed from the tax seals. This is also a way to "date" a bottle...

c.1970 4/5 Quart and the Quart square bottles

In the past they used a different size. They used the half gallon, the quart, the 4/5 quart, a pint and half pint and the smallest size the 1/10 pint. I got the 4/5 quart and the quart size full and sealed, here is a picture of it. Both are getting harder to find in mint condition with cello's intact so if you have one for sale drop me a line. Notice the different embossements around the neck of the bottle compared to the bottle above (the Lem Motlow bottle).

Quart and 4/5 Quart mmmmmmmmmQuart and 4/5 Quart

c.1979 Quart Boss Edens square bottle

Below you see a nice bottle in a quart size made around 1979. Special about this bottle is the back label. This bottle is called "The Boss Eden" bottle. It should have a small tag around the neck.

Another thing you might notice is the neck... it's not straight but a bit bent to the left side. As far as I know this is not allowed and if someone at the production line noticed this bottle it will be destoryed.

Back side label.

Imperial Quart square bottle (I)

For some interesting history of this Imperial size click here

One of the top rarest bottle in my collection is this imperial quart size, 90 % proof paper sealed bottle. With this "last" bottle I got all the different "imperial Quarts" made (5 in total). These Imperial size bottles are pretty rare cause they are "only" sold around the Canadian US border. Imperial Quart is an old English size. Never thought I would find my paper sealed in Asia...

On the left side you see the Imperial Quart and on the right a "standard" Quart size. For your information... An Imperial quart is 1.2 Quart or 2.4 Pints.

Great embossment on the bottles neck!

This bottle is made in 1983. Although it's not even that old it's a very, very rare bottle.

Nice Distillery paper seal and 100 % perfect plastic seal.

Imperial Quart square bottle (II)

Just when you thought you had them all you find this one... Another Imperial Quart size bottle! Sealed perfect with paper and plastic seal. This sample is sealed with a blue/black colored Lem Motlow seal! I found this sample in Italy.

This bottle was probably found in a sort of humid basement cause the original label was very damaged. Yes, you read it good... the original label got of complete. Lucky me I had bought a couple of original labels from the 70-ties and 80-ties and along was this perfect label that fit real close like the original label did. So... bottle is originaly (and perfect) sealed with paper and plastic seal but an original Jack Daniels paper front label is glued on it later (April 2007)

4/5 Quart Cameo gift boxes

There are many kinds of gift boxes made. One of the most beautiful boxes where these cameo boxes from the end of the 60-ties en begin 70-ties. Cardboard boxes with a little round plastic cameo of Mr. Jack. Given away free when you bought the bottle. Available in matching colors green and black for the green label and the black label Jack Daniel's bottle. There are two different sizes made, the 4/5 and the pint Cameo's. From the 4/5 Quart size there are three different designs. So far I got two in my personal collection. Check it out, we are talking about Mint condition, right out of the shelf...

This is the oldest example. Made around 1968. It's got a nice Tennessee tax stamp as well. The box and the bottle are in absolute mint condition. I have seen a lot of these cameo but I know for sure it doesn't get better than this sample...

Next Cameo sample would be this one. This one is made around 1973 and got a different designed box. Almost same kind of plastic cameo. Both box and bottle also in mint condition. Paper and plastic seal never seen day light!

The cameo's are made from plastic. Below you see a close up from both the cameo's I got, the 1968 and the 1973.

1968 » «1973
View from inside the box »

And last picture is for all those collectors that can't get enough of them Cameo's like me...

f.l.t.r. 1st 4/5 Quart, 1st pint, Distillery Cameo, 2nd pint, 2nd 4/5 Quart

Still not enough Cameo's? Click here

4/5 Quart green and black label Italian import

This is a 4/5 quart sealed bottle with an extra Italian tax seal over it. Strange thing is that the green label whiskey was made only for some States in the US and not for export use.... This one got Italian script on it. Must be a rare item! I also got two green label miniature bottles with the same silver colored side label with Italian writing on it. Check out the miniatures.....

Pint square bottles with Cameo box

During the 60-ties they made a special gift box called "the Cameo" In the cardboard box there was a little plastic cameo of Mr Jack. This is a very rare item! The "rock" also with a plastic cameo inside (a little bigger as the one in the cardboard box) was a counter display item, a "point of purchase" item. The bottle that came with this box below is a one pint size. Available in Black label and Green label. (on the picture you see them full / sealed with Tennessee Tax labels as well)

Pint square bottles & Cameo boxes

Here are the two pint size cameo boxes. As far I as could find out there are only 2 different boxes made. The one on the lfet size is a few years older. The one of the left is in mint condition [10/10] and the one on the right is a little les but still good [8/10]

Below a picture of both back side of the bottles. See the small difference between them labels.

Pint square bottle "whiskey shell" gift wrap

Next pint bottle was sold with a very nice gift pack. Inside was a pint size black label bottle from 1978 with two very thin whiskey hand made shells. The inside slides out of the cover like a book.

The two hand made shells (shot glasses) are made out of very thin glass and have a nice gold logo print on the front of it. Both shells have a "round" bottom as you can see in the first picture.

perfect sealed pint

Black label early 60-ties Counter Display I

My second display in my collection is this statue of Mr Jack Daniels. This version is the first in a series of 3 (I know about three different counter statues like these). My other counter statue has the bottle on the right side of it. This version has the bottle on the left side.

On the picture above is an standard empty green label bottle. Normally there is a "Non alcoholic" for display only bottle in it like this one below.

Black label 70-ties Counter Display II

Counter Display

This was my first counter display bottle holder from
the 70-ties, a statue and a 4/5 bottle.
The bottle is a liquid filled dummy bottle
with a white label on the back with a warning:

"CAUTION, not to be consumed."

Pint square bottle + 4 shell shot glasses set

Awesome set from around 1971. Sold as promotion set pint bottle and 4 thin shell shot glasses. Shell shot glasses are very thin, so thin that the your hands "warm" the whiskey inside the glasses. The walnut type wooden box is a study made one with class 1 lock. Bottle, glasses and the box are in mint condition. These cases are not seen often.

Inner is also made out of wood covered with a sort of gray colored cloth.

Good quility lock

4 shot glasses

Half pint square bottle

the Half Pint size
bottle made in 1973

Half pint square bottle and presentation box

Next we got this absolute great presentation wrap! I had bought it a year ago but "lost" it in the mail. Now after 1 year I finaly got it!! This is without doubt one top item and pretty rare as well.

Made in 1971. 90 % proof, paper sealed black label half pint size bottle. Perfect labels. The "business card" in de box is still in "prestine condition", the way it was when it was sold back then... It got the words "To..." and "Compliments of..." written on it.

The outer box covers the inner box which "glides" out like a book in a protection cover.

Pint flask and half pint flask bottle

Pint size ========== Pint size

I got two different half pint flasks in the collection. Both 90 % proof whiskey off course but specially the back label is cool. One is a Jack Daniels cameo guard and the other is a Lem Motlow cameo guard untill seal is broken.

Gift set wooden box

The next wooden box was sold in the 70-ties with 3 4/5 Quart black label bottles. Nice rare set!

Here is another design of the wooden box that was sold around the 60-ties. This box is in my own collection.

Gift set tin boxes

Besides the wooden boxes they also made these "old style" tins. Filled with different items each time. This sample below is filled with two pint size black label bottles. Mint condition as you can see. There is even still the original cardboard wrap around and the orginal price tag telling us that these pints where for sale for just $ 12.99.

This tin was one of the first tins sold in the US. They made so much different tins that I stopped collecting them because you simply can't keep up with them. I have archived over 60 different tins filled with bottles, glasses, decks of cards, chips, dices, thermometers, plastic flasks, jiggers and even another tin with miniature bottles!

The plastic seal of one of the pints inside the tin is "molded" pretty bad on the bottle. Allthough the bottle is still sealed and the plastic seal is 100 % intact.

70-ties coin tray

Don't know where to put this cool coin tray on the site but since it from early 80-ties I thought this was a cool place for it. Sold and made by the General hardware store in Lynchburg. They have made a few "replica" trays like these. As far as I know there are about 4 different trays made with diferent saloon names printed on them.

Page fillers...

All different green and black label Cameo's ever made !

Paper sealed black label part II en III
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