The Black Label Miniatures

There are a lot of those 50 ml or 1/10 pint minatures out there. At this moment I got at least 50 different miniatures in my collection... but I do not collect them... Here are a few of them....

This is a miniature bottle a 1/10 pint from around 1949! (still sealed). Look at the front label, you can see the writing; 4 years old no.7 brand. Cool label! Below another old miniature (I guess from end 50-ties begin 60-ties). This one has a "5 years old whiskey" label instead a "4 years old whiskey". Perfect sealed with paper eagle seal and a green colored plastic seal. Also the Missouri state tax sticker is in a almost 100 % perfect shape!

First 10 Pack cardboard case c.1954

These kind of miniatures where sold in carboard boxes. The box below is one of the first cardboard boxes made for the miniature bottles. This box fild with 10 miniatures in absolute Mint condition. The box never seen daylight and is also in Mint condition. Very rare find ! This item belongs to my 10 most favorite items of my collection.

This box and it's bottles used to belong to Miss Josephine Griswold -life long resident of Nashville Tennessee. She acquired them from the Distillery and posses them for over 50 years. Thank you Miss Griswold for keeping this awesome Jack Daniel's piece of history in such a good condition!

Inside the box are 10 1/10 pint minature black label bottles sealed with the green cello. Even the cello's are perfect which is very rare cause of it's age.

Top of the box

Side view of the box

10 Pack cardboard case c.1960

Below you see the cardboard box that was used to sell the miniature bottles from the urly 60-ties. As far as I know this box was used for black and for the green label miniature bottles according to the stamp on the box.

10 Pack cardboard case c. 1968

The Jack Daniel's miniature bottles -the 1/10 pint and the 50 ml bottles- are sold in a ten pack cardboard case.
Off course they made a few different cardboard cases. This one below is the oldest one I have seen so far. It's a box made around 1968. Perfect box, perfect lid and inside 10 crispy sealed bottles. Mint condition!

perfect cardboard top

10 paper sealed 90 % proof bottles »

Use this link to go to the Green label version of this 10 pack

Miniature pillar counter piece

Simulated granite base engraved as illustrated below. Pilar printed in black on gold foil, fully embossed, with three-dimensional plastic cameo bust included. Complele with a miniature that is filled with a liquid that looks like whiskey. Bottle is still sealed. It used to have a fake paper seal over the metal cap without writting on it. Check out the back label of the miniature below. Pretty rare item...

Price of this item was 46 cents back then (I think it was sold around 1967) and this item was packed 10 per case (also available in a green label version). Nice detail in the Point of Purchase catalog is that this item was only shipped before 15 October due to weather conditions. The bl/wt copy on the left is from the "Point of Purchase" catalog, a special book where retailers could buy there display items. This counter piece was also available for the Green label miniature. Check out these pictures as well...

This is another items of the point of purchase catalog, the cardboard box for a miniature bottle! Very rare item.

The bl/wt copy on the left is from the "Point of Purchase" catalog, a special book where retailers could buy there display items.

Or what about this kind of cardboard box? Sold wit a nice shotglass and a 90 % proof 1/10 pint whiskey bottle.

On the Picture above 2 x 1/10 pint miniature bottles from 1956 (front and back). Both full and sealed with a beautiful Colorado Tax stamp on it.
The picture below is a collection of 8 different miniature squire bottles. Different in volume and % of alcohol! Plastic and Glass with and without back label but all sealed!

Lem Motlow seal

Here is some pictures of a Black Label 1/10 miniature bottle with a Lem Motlow seal (!). Very Rare. One with a back label as well!

There is also a Green Label Lem Motlow sealed bottle.

This is a Japanese older version with a Lem Motlow seal.

This is a miniature specially bottled for the TWA airline company. It has got it's own label on it! Estimate value of this bottle is $ 100.00.

On the picture below we see a new and an older tin with miniature bottles inside. This (new) tin is from England and got two glass 5 cl. (same as 50 ml) bottles. Written on the label is "Produce of USA". And it's a 40 % proof whiskey (all the other miniature are 43 or 45 % proof whiskey, this is my first 40 % proof bottle). The old one (at the right) got a green label and a black label 1/10 pint glass bottle inside a brown plastic holder. (both full and sealed)

Miniature tins

There are a lot of tins made for these 50 ml and 1/10 pint miniature bottles. At this moment I got over 10 different tins with miniatures in it in my collection. Below you see a few of them. Most of them are made in the 80-ties and 90-ties.

2 x 86 % proof whiskey glass-bottles, both bottles are "closed" but with out a tax seal like the once below.

Below two tins are filled with two 50 ml bottles, both 90% proof. The left one has metal caps, the one on the right plastic caps. All 4 bottles are sealed.

UK tins 2005/2006/2007

Every country has different tins. Below some tins sold in the UK. Below we got this great wooden box with a pewter mini flask.

Next miniature would be this awesome glass 50 ml size miniature with tin sold in 2005.

The Heritage 2005

For fathers day they made this beautiful tin along with a deck of cards and a 50 ml glass miniature bottle.

6 new designs where made in October 2006 and sold all over the UK.

October 2006

October 2006

50 ml Heritage bottle

And again in 2007 they made another 6 different single bottle tins. Below the first 3 I got in my collection:

50 ml bottle inside fridge tin !

Sold in the UK 2007. Awesome miniature tin in the shape of a fridge! Isn't that an awesome cool tin! Even the back side of the tin looks like a real fridge with these cool ribs! Love it !

Japanese miniatures

Here are a few Japanese miniature (50 ml size) bottles. There are a few of them around. At this moment I got about 12 different mini's from Japan.

Foreign cool miniature bottles...

The pictures on the right are from the same bottle, notice that the side labels are the same!

Nice Export Eagle seal

 Another paper sealed Japanese bottle

Japanese miniature bottles sealed with a white plastic cap. Very rare and available in different versions. Below you see the 4 diferent once I have in my collection.

front right side


This is the story the seller told us in his auction: it should be a bottle distributed by "Katsumi", the original distributor before "Suntory" took it over... Apparently "Katsumi" distributed some of there Jack Daniel's bottles with a white seal around the cap. Okay... so far so good, but...
Check out the following picture I took from the bottom of the two japanese bottles. The bottle on the left the other japanese miniature (the "Suntory" miniature) I got and on the right the white sealed "Katsumi" miniature.

Check out the bottle date, the Suntory is made in 1997 and the Katsumi in...2001 !
"Katsumi before Suntory" = "since when is 2001 before 1997" Huh??
Any further information about this would be appreciatted!

Later in Januari 2004 I bought the second white cap Japanese miniature and in Februari 2005 I found 2 more... All four have different side labels. The 2 from that I bought in 2005 are bottles sold around 1980 and 1983 according to the embossed writting on the bottom of the bottles. Both bottles do not have bar-codes on the side.

4 different Japanese miniature with white plastic seal!

1980 1983

Japanese Valantines Statue of Liberty 1990

Back in 1990 they had this awesome package deal in Japan for Valantines day. A plastic statue of liberty with instead of the famous flame a miniature 50ml bottle (with Japanese writting off course). Packed in a -fragile- hard plastic box with back ground cardboard piece.

I had the luck to have two samples of this statue. As you can see sunlight has colored the plastic from white into yellow.

Nice detail is the embosed writting on the plate that holds the miniature bottle "Jack Daniel's".

(Close up)

Japanese Valantines Shot glass set c.1990

This awesome shot glass set with a miniature Japanese bottle was a Valentine gift wrap in Japan. I am not sure about the year but I think it's 1990. The 50 ml size miniature bottle is paper sealed with a Distillery seal. These seals are not seen often on miniature bottles, specially comming from outside the US. Suntory is the importer from Jack Daniels in Japan.

Japanese miniature Wooden box I

This was on my wanted list for a long time and now I got one myself... This is a wooden gift box sold in Japan! Inside this beautiful box is a glass 50 ml 90 % proof bottle with Japanese writting. It is closed with a gold colored rubber band. The logo is printed on the front of the box, the cameo is a ... huh... a simple sticker.

I just found out that there are two different versions made of this "gold cameo" miniature boxes and it's bottle. The one above is the "glass bottle" version and now I found a "plastic bottle" version as well. The differance is (beside the bottle off course) the size of the wooden box. The glass version is a big taller and wider. Check out the pictures below:

small differance but Oh so cool !

Japanese miniature Wooden box II (a)

Second Japanese box in my collection. This box is really sharp and made from very good wood. Master piece! Nice "greeting card" inside. On this box is a lot of attention spend...

Japanese miniature Wooden box II (b)

I bought this next miniature with wooden box with the intention of trading or selling it... When it arrived from Japan I noticed that it was not the same as the box above. The white logo paint job is smalle and the red velvet inner is also different. I never knew there where 4 different wooden miniature boxes...

Japanese miniature Wooden box III

And here is the 3rd Japanese wooden boxed miniature! It would be the last one as far as I know. It's also the oldes of the three.

This awesome miniature is also wrapped in a "shipping carton".

3 x Japanese gift sets with shot glass

1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Japanese 50 ml miniature with shot glass in a cardboard presentation box.

1 2

Below you see a second Japanese giftbox filled with a miniature and a shot glass. This time another background printed in the box.

The third box I found in Japan is this Lynchburg Hardware and General store background box with white letters instead of the Gold letters on the other two boxes.


Double gift box from Japan!

Let's end the trip to Japan with the most awesome package deal they made (so far... 2007). This set is a Gentleman Jack and a Black Label 50 ml size miniature packed in a cardboard "book a like" box! I had seen it around 2004 on an auction in Japan but missed it... got out bidden by big numbers... 3 years later I found it again but this time I was prepared and was going to win this beauty! Here it is.. look and enjoy...

It has a plastic see tru cover with a gold printed Jack Daniels logo. If you take the "book" out of the plastic cover it looks even better...

There are "only" 2 pages... the rest is a printed look-a-like of a book. It holds two miniatures with Japanese writting on the sides and the bottles are dated 1996 (GJ) and 1997 (JD). The box is made of very strong cardboard.

Korean Miniature bottle in Cradle!

I found this awesome miniature in Japan last month (November 2006) but I heared from Ruud that it came from Korea. The bottles date is 2003 so it's a few years old. Real nice brass made cradle with cardboard box. It's a genuine Jack Daniels item. Considerd rare and not seen often!

South African miniature

Below you see a real nice sample of a miniature from South Africa. Yep... even South Africa sells Jack Daniels bottles! Cool detail on the bale are the "B421" numbers which means A -is on the label of alcohol made in SA, B- is for imported alcohol and 421- is simply the batch # JD uses for SA - it is all 43%.

I got this bottle from my good friend Joe Watts (left on the picture below)

Miniature labels

I took some extra pictures of the label of a few miniatures bottles I got to show you the different labels Jack Daniel's is using now and back then.

Side labels:

Front labels

Other side and back labels

Bottom years

1966 =================== 1969 ===================== 1973

1977 =================== 1978 =================== 1993

1997 ============== 1998=======--------===2004

Foreign cool miniature bottles, one from Isreal label on it!.

The bottle above are from Germany, Europe. The pictures on the right are from the same bottle, notice that the side labels are the same!

Strange plastic seals

Here is another plastic sealed cap, this time it's a blue colored one.

Spanish miniature

France gift sets with miniature bottle

This next set was a free gift in France around Ocober 2006. Is was hang around a 1000ml size black label bottle and was available in two different images. It's a standard 50 ml size black label bottle with a plastic seal all over the lenght of the bottle.

Close up from the plastic seal.