The Jack Daniel's springwater

The most important ingredient for making Jack Daniel's whiskey is the springwater that is running from the Cave Spring Hollow in Lynchburg, TN. This springwater is also bottled by the Jack Daniel's distilery and sold or give away as a gift over the years. Here are some samples of those bottles.

Spring Water bottles

They start giving away free bottles of springwater way back in time to people that where visiting the distillery. Here is a picture of some bottles that where given away or sold in Lynchburg.

The most famous one is off course the one in the middle. It came with a wooden box. It is a glass half gallon bottle with a porcelain top. The plastic bottle at the right is a bottle that is still for sale at the Lunchburg town-square. The plastic bottle at the left is from the 60-ties.

On the picture below you see the wooden box and the glass bottle. First of all pictures of the porcelain (china) bottle cap. This kind of caps are mostly used on beer bottles in Europe.

Really nice embosement on front (or back ?) of the bottle.

It took me a few years before I found my own wooden box. I had the bottle for many years but had to buy the bottle again to ad the wooden box to my collection. It's in pretty good shape, not mint...

Nice printed Logo on front of box

This is the cardboard box they used to ship 6 of these 1.5 liter springwater bottles in. Pretty rare!

This is a close-up picture of the label from the plastic half gallon bottle from the 60-ties. This bottle is very rare.

1 liter Spring water bottle

These plastic 1 liter bottles below are from the 90-ties. They are allready a very rare bottles and sold for way to much money if you can find one !!

This is the cardboard box they used to ship the 1 liter springwater bottles in... Nice box and very rare!

1 liter Spring water bottle from Japan

Ain't this cool ! Even Jack Daniels spring water bottles are sold in Japan. Bottles complete with a Japanese label.

Glass half gallon

Black Label Tennessee Limestone Springwater

At the right side you see the first Glass half Gallon bottle. They are sold or given away around 1972. It has a black colored metal cap to close the bottle. It's a pretty rare bottle.


Glass half gallon

White Label Tennessee Limestone Springwater

On the left you see the other Limestone water bottle from 1972. This one is very rare and almost imposible to fined! It's a white label, half Gallon size bottle. Also closed with a metal cap colored in white. The bottle is in 100 % perfect shape. It's the only white labeled water bottle I have ever seen! I got this from my bud K.L. Jones from Florida.