The Jack Daniel's trains

On this page I will show you the Train's that have Jack Daniel's adds on it. All these trains are original and approved by the Jack Daniel's distilling company. There are also "fake" decaled train's, but these are in a very bad quality and not on this page.

LGB Wagon

First one is the LGB train wagon. It's very big and very detailed. It's made from plastic. It's a limited edition, only 2800 are made !

Athearn HO scale train set

This is a brand new in the box Jack Daniel's HO Athearn scale F7A Locomotive Engine Car. The seller who sold it to me won it in 2003 in a one-of-kind contest from a VA State Beverage store sponsored by the Jack Daniel's company. Athearn made a very limited edition run of these items. In fact, they are next to impossible to find!

Beautiful Loc with lights inside the drivers seat.

Next in this set is a Jack Daniel's HO scale 60' Boxcar.

Jack Daniel's HO scale 60' Boxcar with great detail.

Jack Daniel's HO scale Wide Vision Caboose.

It took me 2 years to find the last wagon that would make this set complete. But here it is, the Jack Daniel's HO scale 40' Boxcar! New condition.

From the same brand this box wagon. This one was not part of the set above... This train wagon is a very small one. It's about 7" width and 2,5" high. It's made from plastic and has a metal plate inside for extra stiffnis.

The Aristo Craft 28100-01 series passenger set

The most beautiful one is without a doubt this Aristo Craft train set. A full operational 4-6-2 Pacific steam Locomotive with headlight, operating smoke unit (!), firebox "red glow"(light), solid state motor with constant electrical pickup and steam sound! Absolute the most detailed train I ever seen, it has almost 600 individual parts. Each item on this train set is assembled "by hand". It's a 1/29th scale Steam Loco based upon the Pennsylvania Rail Road class A5 0-4-0 built in 1916.

Very heavy Loco with a lot of details ànd everything is working perfect!

Firebox "red glow"....

With this Loco came a passenger coach car and a passengers combine car with smoke generator, interior lights (more than 6 !), operating doors and decorated windows, again very detailed (and brakeable.....)

The Aristo Craft 28100-01 series passenger set

This is the second Train I got from Aristo Craft Trains and looks almost the same as the one that you just have seen. What is the differance between the two? First of all the colors as you can see, black sides and a red roof. Inside the passenger coach and the passenger combine wagons there are no lights, no seats, no smoke generator, with other words this is the cheaper version of the two train sets. The Loco has a smoke generator and a light in the front as well in the firebox. This trainset comes with rails and power pack - 1.8 amp DC

Here are two pictures of the bottom of both passangers wagons, the one on the right got red power wires for the interior lights and the smoke generator. You see also the on/off switch of the smoke generator on top of the wagon on the right (...left from the stairs..) and an empty place on the cheaper wagon one on the left.

Tech II Railpower 1400

This is the third complete train set I got in my collection. Sold including a great piece of track and a powerpack. This "Tech II" is a very rare set and as far as I could find made around the 70-ties. The company that made these sets is the Model Rectifier Corporation from Edison, New Jersey. MRC has been one of the best companies around for "straight DC" power packs since the 1950's. The "Tech II" series was probably the high point in the company's designs. The new "Tech IV" units are nowhere near as "user friendly" and probably not as good, and their DCC leaves something to be desired. For straight DC, with this set you can't go wrong (Thanks Don for the info). If anyone can tell us more about this set please write to me and I will share it with the othe Jack Daniel's collectors. Mainwhile enjoy the pictures!

Above you see the set, One loco, a passenger coach and a wagon stacked with Jack Daniel's barrels!

The next picture is a close up from the inside of the Loco. I have made it with 4 different pictures to show you all the details including the working yellow lightbulb on the celling.

And last wagon is the best... the Barrel wagon! Filled with 42 Jack Daniel's Barrels.


AkSarBen is a small company located in Jacksboro Tennessee. Very limited editions and pretty hard to find. Detailed, fragile but real cool little wagon! I do not know how many different train wagons there are made by AkSarBan. So far (Jan.2005) I got 4 different Black and 3 Green label wagons in my collection.
  • JDDX 015 Black
  • JDDX 060 Black and Green
  • JDDX 23.. Black
  • JDDX 112 Black and Green
  • JDDX 113 Green

This is a very small and Rare AkSarBen Special run KD/MT. It's about 3 inch long and 0,6 inch wide. This is the JDDX 015, black.

Doors can be opened!

Nice detailed !

Second black label wagon is this JDDX 060. Almost the same but these doors do not open. This sample does have the original plastic box and the factory sheet. Estimate value? Over $ 80.00 a wagon.

Third black label wagon which is the JDDX 23. Including opening door on both side of the wagon. Sold in nice plastic box.

JDDX 23 has opening doors

JDDX 112 »
JDDX 112 has closed (no) doors

I also got a Green label train from Aksarben. Very detailed, especially for this size (HO ?). Without doubt my favorite trains/wagons!

Sold in nice plastic box.

JDDX 113

Second Green label wagon is a smaller one, more like the black label JDDX 060. Rare item!

Also in the original plastic box with factory sheet.

JDDX 112 »
JDDX 112 has opening doors (Only the Green Label one)

Both Green label wagons.

Ak-Sar-Ben train wagons and trucks. Keep in mind they are all pretty rare!

Both the JDDX 112 in Black and Green

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