My friends collections

On this page of the Jack Daniel's collectors Page I will show you my friends Jack Daniel's collections. Some of them are as addicted like I am and got a huge collection. If you want your picture on the site just email them with your story and I will put it on the site.

1. There is no better way to start this page than with my best friend Willie's collection. What can I say.... check it out:

Off course we have seen already a lot of Willie's collectables on the site like his shotglass collection and some of his real old bottles from around 1900 on the older bottles page.

2. Let's go to England, to a guy called Ian Wallace. He has got a huge collection of Jack Daniel's items. One of his favorites is off course his own Single barrel bottle! Yes, this collector got his own Barrel and 240 bottles with his name attached on it! Cool! Ian is making his own Website, check it out on:

Ian has got all the Commemorative Decanters full and sealed and as you can see almost all the regular bottles! A very impresive collection!

3. Here are pictures of Angela and Darrin Booth from the US. They are one of the new collectors of Jack Daniel's but they got all ready a huge collection! Check it out:

Darrin, Gary and Willie in Lynchburg, TN

4. Here we got a really exclusive collection from Mr. Joe Nobus. What he has to show us are Gems for a Jack Daniel's collector and items we only can dream of.... This is a Gallon glass jug from around c.1900, the double lip squire bottle from c. 1895/1900 (this is the one with the words one Quart on it). The third picture is of a Shot-Glass from the time they moved to Birmingham. The picture is not real good but the glass is perfect. It is Barrel shaped and says, "Drink Only Jack Daniels No7 Tennessee Whiskey & Motlow's Corn Whiskey. Lynchburg&Nashville, Tenn. Birmingham, Ala. Very thin glass.

On the left is a 3 gallon (you can see the three on the neck). It is from the late 1870s', in just about perfect condition. It is his top piece. The other is a 2 gallon jug from the 1890s'. It has a couple of nicks in it but, by and large, it is real nice.

5.Okay now we go to another good friend who I have met allready 2 times and his name is Mr. Robert Loyd who is living in Memphis, TN. He has got a huge collection and some real Gems like those Lem Motlow Brandy bottles! Full and sealed! Check it out! Very impresive! Bob....hope to meet you again this year and thanks fo rthe pictures!

Bob has got a lot of working Jack Daniel's Neonlights....

Look at the left pictures...whoo those two full and sealed Brandys......GEMS!

6. Now we go to Sunny Florida to another great guy that most of you allready know from a few pictures used on this site. His name is K.L. Jones Jr, Top guy! I sended me...uh...200 pitures... Trust me, K.L. has a huge collection with a lot off tru collectabels we only dream off... Here are a few pictures.

Off course K.L. got all the Commemorative Decanters full and sealed... Check out that double lip 1895 bottle on the right!

I will use most of his picture tru out the Jack Daniel's Collectors page like that sealed Apple brandy on the Lem Motlow page, those three Centennial bottles on the backbar bottles page etc. etc.

Now, March 2006. Ken has sold and traded his collection to obtain his ultimate Jack Daniel's dream... the larges Fake sealed bottle collection of the world... Check out this new page I made. click here

7. We're going to Texas, to a friendly guy who has the nick name of TexasTeddyBear. I had the pleasure to meet Mr Gary Gable and his wife Michelle a couple of times in Lynchburg and I can tell you they are great people! Friendly all the way! Here are two pictures of his collection. I am glad to share these pictures with you.

Check out that old 1890 cilinder in the middle!

Nice rare item is that Green cameo double box.

8. The next pictures are from my Dutch friend Edwin Raaphorst. He is just back from a visit at the distillery and told me lots of new stories about our favorite drink. Although he just started he allready got a nice collection. Check out his cabinet!

9. I got this email from Kai from Germany telling he made a website about Jack Daniel's Lighters. Well I have check out the site and man I thought I had a lot of Jack Daniel's lighters! You should check it out your self at:

This is one of his favorite pictures of his collection...

Besides lighters he started to collect shot glasses as well... check it out !!!

10. Bert Beekman is a good friend of me and he lives in this great country called The Netherlands... (my country...). Anyway , he just started his collection serious and see how far he allready is! You can count on it that his collection will grow a lot now he found Ebay.... (but don't bid against me Bert !). Nice items in his collection are off course the remote controled truck and the train wagon. He also got that nice set of the Scenes from Lynchburg bottles!

Because mailing or shipping a real Jack Daniel's barrel is pretty expensive for us here in Europe Bert decided to make his own Jack Daniel's barrel. He bought a wine barrel and took care of it... He did a great job don't you think so?

11. (1st version) Ok...back to America to the state of New York! I had the pleasure of meeting this next Jack Daniel's collector myself during the BBQ in Lynchburg, TN (2003). I am talking about David Alexander from Penn Yan. He was at the BBQ with his wife and son and I must tell you, these are the most friendly people I  met that day and I am glad I have met them, all three! Dave's got his own bar in his house! Check it out...

Dave also collects items from Clint Eastwood so... if you got some left you know where to send it to!
(for his email address you can always write me)

11. (2nd version) David (Dave's bar) has Email me pictures from his new bar and his Gentleman Jack collection. He never stops to impress me this great guy. Check out these items and you know guys... if you got something special from Gentleman Jack give Dave a call he might be interested!

11. (3rd version). David (Dave's bar) has Email me again and he wants us to see his new Bar in a asume complete new Jack Daniels/Dave Blaney Style! Dave has got all the miniature cars by now including the Nextel cars driven by Dave Blaney that didn't made production. I am talking about the "Limonade" car, the "Bass Pro shop" car, the "Gray test" car and the blue "SKF" car. He's got them all! Check out these new pictures..

It's David himself behind the bar!

Lynchburg Limonade car.

12. Ok....back to Holland again! Here we got a nice collection of Paul Kitzen from Den Bosch. He visited me one time and I will tell you he is a real nice gentleman! He had visited the distillery more than once and he travels the whole world to look for Jack!
One mistake he made before he got serious into Jack.... he tasted every bottle he got! oh oh.... But now he is collecting only full and sealed bottles....

13. He you guys from the US.... here is another Dutch Jack Daniel's collector! Check out his collection. This guys name is Chiel Agterberg and he is from Grubbenvorst. Now I know there are a lot more JD collector out there in the US so... come on send us some pictures of your collection and share it with the rest of the JD's just fun... Chiel's collection has some great tins as you can see.

14.On Ebay there is this young guy under the Ebay name "adversary351". His real name is Jason Pogar and he is one of the younger Jack Daniel's collectors out there. Jason still goes to school and has a part time job to pay for his collection. He is a good guy so... if you got some Jack Daniel's stuff left send it over to Jason! He has a pretty nice collection and wants to show it to us here on the Jack Daniel's Collectors Page.

Jason has a nice shot glass collection as well!

15. Last summer I met these two nice people at a big fair here in the Netherlands. Trying to get a good deal at a stand filled with liquor items they started talking about a website filled with Jack Daniel's collectables (the Jack Daniel's Collectors Page)... Not knowing I stood behind them I introduced myself as owner of this site. This was the start of a very interesting friendship. I invited them to my house to see the collection. They did bring a couple of pictures of there collection with them to share with you all... so Dinneke and Ward from "Egmond aan Zee" here we go...

16. Back to the UK. This is the second big collection from England you see on this page. Mr. John Edwards mailed me a few pictures that blew me almost from my chair! He has got a very nice collection that he wants to share with you all.
John is also active on Ebay under the ID Billyoss. Maybe you know him?!

Check out all these Gold Medals!

Tins? He got a few!

17. Ok...We will stay in Europe this time and go to always sunny Italy! Over there in Italy there is this very friendly guy called Maurizio Zavarise. I know him for quiet a while now but never seen his collection. Now I gotta go to Italy as well next summer to check it out myself because this dude's got some real old stuff that I would love to see with my own eyes. Lets start with the best stuff right away...check out his jugs and real old bottles! Man I am jalouse!! (hehe)

Gold Medals.

Signed Singel Barrels and Gentelman Jack bottles
Maurizio's Ebay ID is Minicoll.

Whiiieeeeeeee !!!

Maurizio just build this new Jack Daniel's room (picture below)... as you can see, there is just one little spot that could use a new bottle of Jack... hehe... Amazing!

18. The next Jack Daniel's collection is from Mark Schmidt from Wisconsin, USA. This Tennessee Squire has his house filled with JD bottles and stuff. I thought we where crazy here in Europe but I guess you guys are just the same as us...

Check out that pendell clock at the left picture! Beauty!

Mark is also (...just like all of us) active on Ebay. His Ebay ID = schmhaus.

Mr. Jack keeps his eye on all his bottles

Nice Idea, saloon table !

19. The next Jack Daniel's collection is from Trevor Greaves from England. Trevor is collecting Jack Daniels stuff since his wife introduced him to a shot of Jack in 1992 ! Thank God there are still good woman! hehe.... Trevor's got a pretty nice collection all ready check out some of the pictures he mailed me.

Don't forget, he is from England which means that a lot of Jack Daniel's items have to be shipped from the US to England. Pretty impersive collection he!

On EBay Trevor can't be found under his Ebay ID "fluffyskulls". A real Die-hard name for a Jack Daniel's collector... hehe.. love it ! Trevor, if you ever visit Holland, drop by my friend and we will toast on our collections.

20. Belgium on the web! Here we got some Belgium friends that invites us to take a peak at there collection. Not only famous for there waffles, fries and beer but now Belgium also got some asume JD collectors! Welcome friends! This collection belongs too Cindy and Peter Bloem. They started collecting Jack Daniels stuff a few years ago and allready got over 170 shot glasses and over 50 miniature bottles! Whieeeeee...Let's start with some tins:

Here a pictures of there shotglass collection.

Or what about this huge display! Really nice display with lots of goooood Jack Daniel's stuff inside. I really love the little statue of Mr. Jack on the right side of the display... wanne trade?
Oh yeah, Cindy and Peter are also active on Ebay, there EBay ID is "buffyzombie". A name I have seen a lot...

21. The next collection is from one of my friends, Alan Carner (Ebay ID "oldsourmash"). Alan past away early this year from cancer. I know Alan as the man with the most impresive Jack Daniel's shot glass collection of us all. He had them all guys! Let's start with the best picture I got from his daugther Brenda. This is a picture of Alan Carner, taken Christmas 2003 before he found out he had cancer. He is holding one of his great-grand daughters, Hailey.

Alan's collection covered his entire basement, which included the family room, his office, and his workshop.

There is no way to capture the feeling of the room -- every spot on the walls was covered with some type of Jack Daniels something, from mirrors, to signs, to bar towels.

On this wall are a number of signs and pictures. There is a barrel lid. On the bottom row, second from the left, is an original design of the black label JD. Years ago, Brenda designed and stitched this for her dad as a Christmas gift. Towards the right side of the picture, you can see the lamp shade. All the lamps in the family room are JD, some with full bottles as bases.

This next picture is the first of three that make up a cabinet next to the bar. This is the middle part of the cabinet with the doors open.

Here Alan kept drinking glasses along with silver flasks, a statue, and several full bottles.

(Beside this cabinet is a curio that held many of his mini bottles and cars and trucks.

This is the bottom of the same cupboard. He had some jugs and pitchers. Behind them are some old steins (non JD).

This picture is a shelf full of filled/sealed bottles. The bottom shelf has all 6 1L Scenes bottles, a bottle of water from Lynchburg.

The middle shelf is lots of the different Country Cocktails. He would get the four-pack, put one of his shelf and drink the other three. The top shelf is full bottles, including Single Barrel, Silver Select, and Gold Medal bottles.

Here are Alan's four old jugs. He had a number of jugs, but these were his favorites because of their age.

The jug on the far right is a 2 gallon jug. They sit on top of an antique pie safe, that has more JD bottles, trucks, and many mini bottles inside.

These final two pictures are of his shot glass collection. The pictures do not justice to his collection. He kept them in a very large curio with glass shelves and a mirror background, which makes it difficult to get a good picture. Alan told Brenda at one time he had over 500 JD shot glasses.

The shelves were lined with glasses about 20 across and 4-5 rows deep on each shelf. The top shelf of the curio was reserved for his old bottles, a couple prized full bottles, and two statues.

This last collection picture is the bottom of the curio that holds his shot glasses. Here you will find some cars, a couple drinking glasses, and some full bottles.

* I want to thank Brenda and Sherry for sharing Alan's collection with us. His family and friends will greatly miss him.

22.  You don't have to have a huge or expensive Jack Daniel's collection to own you piece of webspace here on the Jack Daniel's Collectors Page. Dear friends, check out this collection of a young guy from England, Elliot Sands. Elliot lifes at his parents house and is currently studying at university. He is a very nice guy and could use our help with getting some cool Jack Daniel's items for his collection. If you got some double or simple got too much drop him a line at and I know he'll apprecait it!

23. Birmingham (England)! Below we got this great collection of Colin and Lynn. These pictures where mailed to me a couple of months ago but here they are! What a good collection they got. Active on Ebay as well. Asume wall decoration! Love the frames with the Commemorative decanter registration forms. Real nice idea Colin!

I guess we all got "our" Jack Daniel's room in da house... Share us your Jack Daniels room and drop me some pictures. I will put them here on the site.

24. Back to the Seattle area of Washington USA, to Darvin Thueringer. Most of us know Darvin better as Landlord2235. He has been collecting Jack Daniels stuff for about 10 or so years. He has a very nice collection if you ask me. Check out some of the pictures he mailed me!

I reallly love this display. Inside he has got some real nice bottles like the Motlows in the middle... The Brandy in the middle.. hmmm Love it ! Take a look at the details like the 1 Gallon Gunter jug, the glass cilinders and square 1895's. Awesome stuff Darvin!

 This jug on the left is a very rare one.

I know Darvin for a long time now under his Ebay ID Landlord, we have been fighting JD auctions a few times on Ebay. But I am glad that he wanted to share his collection here on the site. I apprecaite it Darvin!

25. He is using the name MarlinMarv on Ebay and he lives in Oceanside, California... This is the collection of Mike Powell. He has been collecting Jack for about 3 years now and allready found himself some good stuff. Mike is a regular visitor of the site and was wondering if his collection was worth it to be shared with all of us.. well Mike.. Yeah sure it is! Check it out guys.

Looking close at the displays you can see two great Lem Motlows, One Master Distiller on the right. What about that rare 1.75L paper sealed black label!? Awesome bottle...

26. Mark Glaeve is the name and Jack Daniels is his game... Check out his collection! Mark is a young guy from the UK and lives close to Manchester. He has been to the Distillery and did check out the Tennessee Squire room! Here a re some pictures of his collection:

All these bottles are signed by the Master Distiller Jimmy Bedford!

Tast test bottle on top self left! Whooooo Love it!

All the cocktails are signed as well!

If you want your pictures here, send them over ( and I will check them out and put them on the site.
I just want to share the fun of collection
Jack Daniel's with all of ya!

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