The Jack Daniels BBQ

On this page I will share a few pictures I took in Lynchburg, the little town where the Jack Daniel's whiskey is made and where the world champignon ship invitational BBQ is held every year.

The 12th Jack Daniel's BBQ 2000

Every year there is the Championship BBQ that is held in Lynchburg. This is the best time to be there! this year (27 october 2000) 40 + teams from the US, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Poland where competing for the Trophies and the ribbons. Beautiful weather, nice smell of those BBQ Ribs and lots of Jack Daniel's addicts around!

Here are some pictures that tells there own story. Have a look and Enjoy!

Judging the "Whole Hog" at 12.00u Ready!


11.30. JD Sauce

12.00.Whole Hog

12.30. Home cookin'

1.00. Chicken

1.30. Pork Ribs

2.00. Pork

2.30. Beef Brisket

3.00. Dessert

5.00. Awards

Pork Ribs.....Ribs...Ribsss !!!!

Be the judge yourself and tast all that great food surved that day. World champignons from past years selling there stuff for a normal price. On the pictures above you see the Taxes Rib Rangers from Denton, TX and the Music City Pig Pals from Nashville, TN. And free samples all day long every where! Jummie !! Jummie !!

Don't forget your BBQ pin!

This years winners are:

Samarai Pig (Japan)
Dirty Dick & the Legless Wonders


Three Little Pigs
Big Bob Gibson's BBQ

Cook's Choice International Cookers:

Happy Wild Boars

Pork Ribs:

Nelly Bells BBQ
Dirty Dick & the Legless Wonder
Smokin in the Boys Room


Tip a Few & BBQ
Mr Bar B Q
Smokin Guns


Mr. Bar-B-Q
Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q
Boss Hawg

Cook's Choice:

Orangedale Smokers

Whole Hog:
Willingham's River city Rooters
Orangedale Smokers


Still Smokin
Apple Barrel Smokers
Smokers Wild

Smokin' in the Boys Room
from Leawood, KS ($ 1.500)

Smokin' Trigger
from Alvarado, TX ($ 2.500)

The 13th Jack Daniel's BBQ

Because of the tragedy that happend on the 11 september 2001 in New York (WTC) this years BBQ wasn't the party it should be. Way less people came that year because of the flight restrictions and people where scared to travel /flight. Lots of police controle was in Lynchburg during this BBQ and the distillery tour was shortend (no Sour mash, no charcoal mellowing ...). But we where there and enjoyed our time. This year I took my video camera with me so, no pictures of the BBQ. When you visit a BBQ it looks almost the same every year so..... But when I find out to show you my video's, I will !! It smelled good that day!

This years BBQ posters. Nice once and sold out all ready on thursday before the BBQ even started!! (RARE ??)

The 14th Jack Daniel's BBQ

This year I couldn't make it to the BBQ so a good friend of mine had to take care of the pictures, and he did a great job! Thanks K.L.!

K.L. Jones, Willie and Mr Baker

Retired Master Distiller Mr Frank Bobo

Willie, Mr Jack and Bob

HUGE BBQ Grill !

Mr. and Mrs Baker

front of Baker's Antique store

Those Ebayers....You lucky !

Willie, GaryThe Baker's

Yohoo Ebayers !

The 15th Jack Daniel's BBQ

Been there again! Man this is the best day of the year for many Jack Daniel's collectors and BBQ lovers. We had lots of fun and met a lot of people. I got my bottles signed by Jimmy and Mr. Frank Bobo. Met Roger who was waiting specaily for me out side the Squire tent. Had a great confersation with Irene at the Squire room. Man what a day!

If you want to see more close up pictures of the food that was prepared that day please use this link and check out these great pictures of Rough brothers . It is really worth to check them out guys!

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