The Jack Daniel's beer advertise items

This page will be filled with advertise items used to promote the Jack Daniel's beer. They made a few real nice items to promote the beer in the US like several different Neonlights. Also taphandles, glasses etc. Most of these items are very hard to find considering that the beer was available for only a short time. Enjoy !

Tap Handles

I got 8 different Taphandles in my collection. Also a very rare items. The most beautiful one is the one with Mr. Jack on a barrel attatched (see picture below). There are 7 plastic stickers included to put on the barrel in the middle so it can be used for a 7 different beers. It is very heavy! (the plate under the tap is glued so it can stand upright...). I do not know how many different beer taphandle there are. I have seen 8 so far.

Amber Lager and Ale Tap handle

Below a picture of the two Amber lager taphandles. The 1866 classic taphandle is a real heavy one!

The last tap handle that was missing in my collection was this Ale tap handle. Found it on Ebay but it had some damages around Mr. Jack's hat. I have it proffesionaly fixed and it does look like new again. Check it out!

Porcelain Tap handles

Porcelain tap handles are very rare. I have found 3 of them so far. The Amber Lager, the Pilsner and the American Ale.  The taphandles are hand made by Chrislan Ceramics from company from Canada. Chrislan Ceramics is a manufacturer of ceramic tap handles for the Brewery Industry. Estimate value of these tap handles is pretty hard to tell. I have seen one sell for over $ 500.00 in March 2005!. Way to much off course...

Beer coasters

With beer comes off course the beer coasters. there are a couple of them. here is an example:

Beer Glasses

There are three glasses made for this Beer. Only one was sold to the public and that is this glass below. It's a nice , full colored glass. A very rare and wanted glass with a estimate value of over $ 15.00!

This glass is not sold to public as fas as I know. It's not in my collection but if you got it and want to sell it, you know how to find me!

This Beer glass is "just" a sample. It never made the production! It is very rare and I am glad I got this glass in my collection, I do not know if there are more of these glasses made. If you got one please let me know so we can estimate how many made. Value would be around $ 80.00 a glass (!).

Plastic cups

No. 1. Gold and Black lettering on white cup. (large cup!)

No. 2. Black Lettering on a clear plastic cup, on the back a picture of the Brewery. (small size)
No. 3. Full color drawing of the brewery printed on a white plastic cup. (small size)

Beer Advertise material

On the first picture on this page you also see a round coaster with the words Amber Lager on it. There are 10 different round coasters. Front is the same, the back has different "questions" about the Jack Daniel's beer. One other Beer item I got is a recipe book (folder....) with some nice smoke recipes in it:

One very nice collector item is off course the Jack Daniel's Beer Neon light. There are 3 different Beer neons, I got the most beautiful one in my collection. During shipping the J was broken.... SO it wound light up. I WILL repair it !! It is a real nice peace of work. It is hanging in my kitchen and I look at it every morning!.

Some other Beer advertisements are these 6 big cartboard/plastic posters. These are in mind and unused condition!

The cap that you could get is shown down this page.

This great cardboard board was send to me by my good friends, the Bakers from Lynchburg's Antiques & Collectibles store.

There was a promotion in the beginning when they introduced the beer in the US where you could get a brass opener/spin game.

This is a nice Beer Barrel. It can be used as a dices cup for your poker games! Or to hold a plant.....

Another nice promotion item is this deck of cards.

Beer Golfball?? Yep!

This is a Beer chart, a list where they sold the beer in the US. As you can see not in many states!

Some Beer hats:

Looking for a Amber Lager label?? I still got some left....

Not only Amber Lager labels, but these are also never used (so without glue!)

Beer Salesman Sample

The last item on this page will be the top item of my Beer collection. For some of you not new. I have been showing you this case for over a year now here on the site. Finaly the original owner (K.L. Jones) decided to sell it to me. It is the "Beer Salesman Sample"! It's a wooden box with the first 3 beer bottles ever made and 3 bags of ingredients that where used to make the Jack Daniel's beer.

The bottles inside are the first three tastes made for the market. The Amber lager, the American Ale and the Pilsner. aug 1996.

Now check out the bottle it self. Below I got a picture of the American Ale from the case and one "standard" bottle of American Ale. The 3 bottles from the test taste case are not the same as the bottles used for sale! This makes the set even more interesting!

left the Taste test case bottle.

Real nice box with good detailed logo on top!

There is a booklet inside with 7 pages filled with beer info. Here you can read what it says:

As you can see there is a little drawer on the front og the case. Inside you will find 3 bags of ingedients to make beer.

Here are some new close up pictures of the little bags. they are filled with wood, Caramel malt and two-row barley.

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