The Jack Daniel's Beer

On this page I will show you the 7 different Beer bottles that Jack Daniel's made a few years ago. They stopped brewing this beer because it didn't sell that good. Now, years later it is a real collectors item. Enjoy!

Distillery Opening new beer brewery.

There's something new brewing in the hollow—Jack Daniel's is opening a brewery to craft beer the way it was made in Mr. Jack's day's. (17 November 1994)
The Jack Daniel Brewery is located in Lynchburg, Tenn. on the grounds of the historic Jack Daniel Distillery, founded in 1866 and Amerka's oldest registered distillery. The brewery will open for visitor tours in December.
The brewery is reviving the turn-of-the-century brewer's art using the Jack Daniel's tradition and commitment to old-time crafismanship. True to that tradition, the brewery will slow brew beer from 100 percent malted barley in small batches.
"We wanted to make a beer that Mr. Jack Daniel would have enjoyed. a beer made the way beer was made back in his day." said Roger Brashears, spokesperson for the brewery. "Back when Mr. Jack making his whiskey, Amerkan beer was in its heyday. But prohibition put an end to all that.
"After the law was repealed, the distillery went back to crafting its old-time sipping whiskey but ahole lot of little breweries never reo-pened. Old-time beer-making sort of died.
"Whobetter to bring back old-time beer-making than the folks right here in Lynchburg?"
The Jack Daniel Brewery will craft classk full-bodied. all-malt beers. In keeping with the 19th-century brewing style, the brewery will make its beers using only four all-natural ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast and water. All the ingredients come from the United States.
"We won't make a lot, but what we make. we'll make right." Brashears said.
The brewery continues an Amerkan beer-making tradilion enjoyed ia Jack Daniel's day. Prior to prohibition, there were 4,000 small breweries in the United States. In Tennessee alone, breweries operated in Memphis, Nashville. Knoxville and (Chattanooga.
"One of the old pktures of the White Rabbit Saloon, which was on the square in Lynchburg back before we became a dry county, shows a Chattanooga Brewing Company poster on the wall," Brashears said. "So we know that Mr. Jack had the opportunity to taste some of the local brands. "We think the brewery is in keeping with Mr. Jack's spirit."

click image for close up

What we see on the picture above are all 7 bottles, some coasters, buttons, a smoke cookin'recipes book, a popcorn bag (the white bag at the right) and one Taphandle in the shape of Mr Jack himself (In the middle, clued on the back of an iron coaster).
There are 7 different tastes: Pilsner,Winter-Brew, Honey-Brown Ale, American Ale, Amber Lager, Summer-Brew and Pale-Ale.

Last News: There are 18 different beer bottles out there!
* On my vacation October 2000 in the US I saw 14 (!) different beer bottles. There is a "first run" of the Oak Aged Pilsner (this means only a gold colored label instead of the white and black printing on the label) and then there the "small label" bottles. These labels are 1/6" smaller than the normal big label. (set price of all 14 bottles was $ 500.00 !)
* Also there are some bottles made for California only. These bottles got a refund for the bottle. A little paper neckband around the neck says "5c cash return". A picture of one of this different bottles is a littel down this page.
* Another different bottle is this Black Label Amber lager bottle. It got a Gold cap instead of the black colored cap. Also no neckband.
* .... Yep, a 4th Black Labels Amber lager bottle... A Award Winning Bottle.
* .... Uh...I found a 5th Black Label Amber lager bottle... with a Greece language label .

A signed Honey Brown Ale Beer bottle

John Barrett was Master Brewer at that time JD made Beer:

7 different Beers

Here are the close-up's from all regular 7 bottles, front and back.

The Oak-Aged Pilsner and the Oak-Aged Pale-Ale.

The Oak-Aged Hoeny-Brown Ale and the Oak-Aged American Ale.

The Oak-Aged Summer Brew and the Oak-Aged Winter Brew.

And number 7, the Amber Lager.

Sold as 6 packs

The beer was sold in a 6 pack. Finding a 6 pack these days is very dificult... I only got one set complete as for now (febr 2007). Hope to find them all one day...

Summer Brew error bottle

Then there is the Error Summerbrew with the label upside down! From this beer bottle are estimated only 10 cases or 240 bottles made.

2 different labels formats

On this picture you can see the two different label sizes

5 Different Amber Lager Beer bottles

The beer was for sale "only in a few eastern US states, here are two bottles with a refund ment for California...(CA)?? On the picture on the left you see 3 different Honey Brown ale bottles. Does this mean that there are 3 different bottles each taste?? I got two Refund bottles, a honey brown ale and a American Ale.

The cap on the bottle is not printed, only gold colored....

Dated on the side or not....

The 4th Amber Lager bottle, Award Celebration. The Brown-Forman Distillery Company ...Gone Country... Nashville, Tennessee July 17, 1995 (!!)

No.5 Amber Lager bottle. This is a bottle sold in Greece, Europe (the beer was good till Sept.1999 !). The bottle has a twist off cap.

3 bottles from the Taste test Case

In my collection I also got the Taste test case for the Beer. Inside the first three beer bottles ever made. Click here for picture of this case. Check out the bottle it self. Below I got a picture of the American Ale from the case and one "standard" bottle of American Ale. The 3 bottles from the test taste case are not the same as the bottles used for sale!

Left the Taste test case bottle, righ the standard bottles.

Left the Taste test case bottle.

I have made a second page filled with all the advertise material for the Jack Daniel's beer. Items like glasses, taphandles, paperwork etc. etc. Please use this link to go to The JD Beer advertisments