The Older Jack Daniel's Jugs

On This Page I will show you the real old Jack Daniel's Jugs from around 1865 till 1920 that are in my personal collection. "This is problebly not going to be a big page because of the value of the Jugs, but it will be a tru collectable page!" these where my words a few years ago (end 2003) and see how big this page has become! I have split this page into two chapters Jack Daniel's jugs and Gunter jugs.
At this moment I "all ready" got 7 jugs in my collection and I am caught with the "Jug-bug" so watch out!
For more Jack Daniel's jugs please visit my "jug archives page"

c. 1865 -1870 "Lynchburg, Tenn" 2 gallon jug

This is my oldest jug in my collection. It is dated between 1865 and 1870, it's one of the first designed jugs made for Jack Daniels. This jug was made in several sizes, 1, 2, 3 and 5 Gallon. It's a Dark brown and sand colored clay jug. This jug I got has the handle broken off. I will let it repeared by a pro.

Here you see where the handle is broken. It does got it's charm but I will try and let it proffesional repeared

On the front of the jug there is the No. 2 embossed.

Even the bottom does look cool. Keep in mind, it's a jug over 130 years old... even for Europe that is real antique!

c. 1870 -1875 "Old time distillery" 1 gallon jug

This is a 1 Gallon jug made around 1870. It is one of the first designs that mr. Jack used back then. The word "Old" was a consistent part of his labelling from almost the beginning of his career.

This jug I got is almost in pefect condition except a little chip on the handle.

Top of jug

Real nice sharp label print

There is a little chip missing on the bottom

Over 130 years old! Antique...

c. 1880 "Old time distillery" square border jug ( I )

This was the second jug in my collection and what a jug ! According to the "whiskey jug book" from my friend Chuck Neese this Jug is dated circa 1880 These kind of jugs are made in several sizes from this half Gallon to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Gallon as well.

Perfect print, all the way. This is an open letter black stamp. It looks almost like a tattoo!

You can see if it's a real old jug by looking at the bottom.

The jug doesn't leak

1/2 Gallon Domed shoulder 1880 jug
Perfect handle, no cracks or glue!

A half Gallon jug is as big as this black label pint bottle. Not to big...

c. 1880 "Old time distillery" square border jug ( II )

The bigger a jug gets the more rare they become. This is a 2 Gallon size jug in 100 % perfect shape. No cracks or damage at all.
A 2 Gallon size is almost 7.5 liters. Guess it would be a pretty heavy filled jug!

The "scratch" you see on top of the jug (right picture) is just a tiny hair crack in the first layer of the glaze.

Perfect handle !

The two 1880 jugs beside each other. It looks like the same stencel is used.

Just keep in mind the bigger a jug gets the more rare they become and there value will raise. Jugs are available in : 1/2 Gallon, 1 Gallon, 2 Gallon, 3 gallon, 4 Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes.

c. 1900 Bristol Glaze "blue band" 1 Gallon jug

Bristol glaze jugs contain the whitening agent zinc oxide which gaves the jug look it's very sterile "look" that health conscious consumers favored. This kind of Jack Daniel's jugs may have been used up till 1920 (Info Source: Chuck Neese). This jug was available in a few different sizes. I have seen 3 so far, half Gallon, one Gallon and the big one, the two gallon. This Jug I got is the one Gallon version. It's a very clean jug with a broken handle which is repaired pretty good. It a very common Jack Daniel's jug but still considerd rare. It's.. asume !

Very good black letter stamp with the "Lynchburg, Tenn"
may have continued to be issued till 1920

Top view of the jug. You can see the "hair" crack on the handle. The color differance between the two pictures below is just from the sun light that shined tru the windows that day I was shooting pictures. The "gray" color is the original Jug color.

Close up picture from the blue and white band around the bottom of the jug.

c.1895 Lincoln County jug half Gallon

The next jug is my third real old jug I got in my collection. It's a half gallon size jug and as you can read on the stamp it has got the Lincoln County instead of the Moore County.
An act of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee was passed on 14 December 1871 to establish the county of Moore. It was finally formed from the counties of Bedford, Franklin and Lincoln.
We know that the Sherwood Bros of New Brighton, Pennsylvania were making that "druggist style" (no shoulder/cone top) jug around 1895 and other makers followed. From the info available to me, i'd put the Lincoln County jug at about 1896 thru Tennessee prohibition (1909). I'm also suggesting that the jug was made to be distributed in the Tennessee Valley area where the term Lincoln County was most used to describe a style of whiskey. This would have been during the time that Lem Motlow was running the distillery. His white rabbit saloon (which Lem opened) jugs were also the druggist style. Lincoln County refers to the style of whiskey. I got this information from Chuck Neese and Don Cauwels, two experts on the old stuff.

This jug was available in three sizes, half Gallon, 1 Gallon and a 2 Gallon giant jug. The dark brown glaze on top looks like real new but the bottom shows a lot of "history". It doesn't leak...

I have given this jug to a good friend of me as appreciation for 5 years friendship.

c.1910 Lem Motlow Jug.

This was my first jug and it is a beauty! It's the same jug you can see in that black little booklet called "The old bottles and jugs" on page no.6. This is a half gallon clay jug with Lem 's print on it.
We are talking about a very rare jug and you will not see these often. This jug is perfect in every sense. It's a piece of history...

This jug is used in many advertisements, like this one:

I also got the bottle with the statue of Mr. Jack on it (very rare bottle), check out the "back bar bottles" page.

Replica Jugs

One of the things I do not collect are the replica jugs. Why? Well simple, they have notting to do with Jack Daniel's at all. If you have seen them you know they are fake and totally NOT Jack Daniel's. Replica? from what are they a replica?? I have never seen one of the replica's original jugs and I have seen a lot of old ( 1870 till c.1920) jugs but non looked (even a bit) like the replica's. Money making... Ok, I do got one replica jug in my collection and that is the first made replica jug from the 60-ties. It is more rare than the Centennial bottle that was made in a limited edition of 1000 bottles. Here it is, the first Replica jug...

Close up from the label

Please email me if you ever have seen the original jug that stood as sample for this Replica one...

Replica Jug ??

Ever seen this kind of Jack Daniel's jug?? Well, I bought this one 10 years ago in a small town near by... Payed a nice amount for it back then but never seen it again on the market. Odd looking design if you ask me. It looks more like a Tullemore Dew whiskey jug. Why I never showed it before? Simple... I did't like the design and the jug disapeard to the attic where I found it a few days ago! If anyone has information about these kind of jugs please contact me.

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